Pack 32 Survey Spring 2016
My Cub Scout is a:
Pack 32 Family Camping
Did you attend either the Fall (Nobebosco) or Spring (Winnebago) Pack 32 Family Camping trips?
If you did not attend, why? (check all that apply):
The Pack is considering a Spring 2017 camping trip to Gettysburg, PA. This would involve a friday afternoon departure, a 3 hour drive, a 2 night stay at camp, and an excursion to Gettysburg on Sunday prior to returning home. Would you likely attend a trip like this?
Summer Camp
Are you planning to attend Camp Lewis Resident Summer Camp this year?
Is your Scout planning to attend Camp Yaw Paw Day Camp this year?
How are we doing?
Please rate the following Pack 32 activities:
Needs Improvement
Waste of time
Does not apply
Pack Meetings
Den Meetings
Pack Cabin Camping
Den Day Trips
Pack Day Trips (Devils Game, Environmental Center, etc...)
Camp Lewis Summer Camp
Blue and Gold Banquet
Pinewood Derby
Rain Gutter Regatta
Holiday Party
Summer BBQ
I would like to see (check all that apply):
Additional comments and suggestions:
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