STEM Workshop Participant Survey (March 2016)
This survey is for participants in the March 14-15, 2016, STEM Institute led by Wesley Fryer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Your email address will NOT be collected or shared with others or online. Your other information will be shared on this website with others to facilitate collaboration and sharing. Your submission of this information is OPTIONAL and not a required part of the workshop. It is highly encouraged, however! :-)
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What is your first and last name?
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School *
What is the name of your school?
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Location *
What is the location of your school? (city/state/country)
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Professional website
If you have your own professional website, like a blog or classroom site, please share the link to it.
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What are the primary grades and subjects you teach?
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STEM Interests
What are your main STEM/STEAM interests? What topics or kinds of projects are you most interested in?
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Personal Digital Tools
What are the main digital tools you use as a teacher?
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Student Digital Tools
What digital tools do your students have access to utilize for learning at school?
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Other Info to Share
Is there anything else you'd like to share with others about your STEM interests, teaching background or current situation, etc?
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Media Sharing Permission
Is it OK for Wesley Fryer and Graded School to share photos, videos, or other media products created/captured during our workshop with others openly on the World Wide Web?
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