Mangawhai Gala 2020 - Stall Holder Booking Form
Name booking to be made in *
PLEASE, whatever name you use here carry it through with your bookings, bank entries and correspondence. It is VERY difficult for us if the name you use here is, for example, "John" and then you pay and the name you use there is "ABC company".Also this name will be what appears on stallholder lists.
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What products or services are you selling / promoting from your stall? - Short Answer *
Keep this to no longer than 5 words. This is what is displayed in stallholder lists and on the Web. We do not have space to display very long descriptions. The next question enables you to make a much longer description of your products and services for our information.
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Email address for all correspondence
PLEASE: Be accurate and check before you submit
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Landline phone number
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Mobile phone number
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Snail mail address
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What stall were you in for Gala 2019?
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Are you proposing to sell food & or drinks to be consumed at the Gala *
If "Yes", proceed to make a booking, but do not pay. We will allocate these food & drink stalls later in 2020. If "No" proceed with your booking AND payment. If you answer "No" and do actually sell food and or drinks from your stall, we reserve the right to close you down on the day and to not refund you any money.
What products / services associated with your stall - long answer
This is for my information. No selling of food or drinks to be consumed at the Gala.
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What size site do you want? *
Remember, this is the size of site that is marked out. We cannot allow you to exceed this area by extending into alleyways or to adjoining sites.
What is your preferred block *
We cannot guarantee this, but will do everything we can to satisfy your wishes.
Site orientation *
This mainly relates to whether you prefer to face towards, or away from, the morning sun. Again, we cannot guarantee this, but will do everything we can to satisfy your request. Obviously, for those that book early, you have more chance of getting your wishes satisfied.
Remember, a booking without payment does not hold the site. First paid - first preference
How will you be paying *
Please remember, without payment we cannot confirm a booking
Stallholder donation
Apart from a few problems this has been very successful for us and contributes to the whole day; and we hope good for the stallholders
For Gala 2020 will you *
If you are donating, what will be the product / service?
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If you are donating, would you prefer?
Thanks for completing the form
Once you have paid for the site you will receive an email to say your site is secured. No site is secure unless paid for (first come first served). Your confirmation pack will be sent early December 2019.
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