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All orders must be submitted by October 31st at 10am. The turkeys will be available for pickup Thanksgiving week. We will send an email with the final date once we receive it from the farmer. This year we will doing set pricing. Turkey comes in two sizes SMALL (10-14lb) or LARGE (18-22lb).
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DO NOT USE INITIALS. WE NEED your real LAST name. The name that appears on your check.
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USE A REAL EMAIL, THAT YOU CHECK...REGULARLY. We email you the details regarding pickup dates and final totals.
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Please use your valid phone number, unless you do not have one. We may need to call you on pickup day if the meat is ready early.
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A check, for the TOTAL AMOUNT selected below, is due before an order can be placed.
By clicking the "Submit" button, you are committing to promptly provide a check for the full amount of turkey selected above. You understand that we provide the service of purchasing the turkey only. We do not raise the turkeys or slaughter them. We are not responsible for quality or longevity of the turkey. If something is not correct with your meat, you will have to contact the butcher, or turkey farmer, and settle your issue with them directly. Prices are subject to change. Since these orders are based on a group of people placing multiple orders, prices of the turkeys, butchering, fuel or unforeseen expenses can change from when the first person submits their order until final order is submitted and then placed with the farmer and then picked up from the butcher. The prices on the website are based on the typical but not guaranteed scenarios of prices and weights. We hope to never use it, but we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders for any reason. If an order is cancelled and no meat has been exchanged, a full refund will be paid to the person that placed the order if deemed necessary. So now that all that is out of the way...We look forward to hearing how much you enjoyed your meat!
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