The Julie Martell Scholarship Fund

The fund gives emerging Cape Breton performers, aged 15-22, the opportunity to apply for financial assistance to participate in arts activities either on or off the island. Applications to the Julie Martell Scholarship Fund are open year round. Artists are invited to submit their application through this portal.

Application criteria:

• Applicants must be between the ages of 15-22 years of age on the date of the activity detailed in the application.

• Applicants must be a resident of Cape Breton, or currently studying/working away from the island, but with Cape Breton as their permanent address.

• Applicants can apply to the scholarship fund only once.

• Applicants can apply to the scholarship fund for financial assistance in the areas of theatre, dance, and voice. Applications for assistance to attend workshops, classes, auditions, and special activities will be considered.

• Applications to attend performances will NOT be considered, unless under special circumstances.

• Applications will be reviewed by a committee once every three months. Applicants will be informed of the result of the committee’s deliberation whether successful or not.

• Applications must be submitted at least 2 months before your activity.

• Applicants are invited to apply to use the fund for travel assistance (up to 100% of the cost), accommodation (up to 75%) and activity participation fees (up to 75%).

• Applicants will be expected to sign a letter of agreement to receive funds. Applicants will also be expected to provide proof that the funds were used for the activity: receipts for travel, accommodation, class fees. Funds received, but not used, shall be returned to The Julie Martell Scholarship Fund for other participants to use.

NOTE: Applicants will be expected to submit a brief written report on their activity, the report will be due exactly two weeks after the completion date of the activity.

Applications must include:

1. A cover letter, detailing how attending your proposed activity will help your creative process, future and current situation. Let us know what you hope to get out of it, and how the fund will assist you in achieving your goals.
2. A resume, or similar, detailing your experience in your chosen field.
3. Detail of the activity you are applying to participate in (please include a website address, prospectus, class description, OR activity details if possible).
4. Please provide at least one support letter from a teacher, guidance councillor, or member of the arts community.
5. A simple budget, showing how much you predict the activity will cost, the amount you are requesting of the fund and any other sources of revenue you are using.
6. Support material: if you have reviews, newspaper cuttings that you feel will support your application, please include copies.
7. Applicants are welcome to submit part of their application in video format, if they wish to do so.

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Neptune's Ethno-cultural Mandate
Neptune Theatre is committed to fostering an environment of equity and diversity, and factor this into every decision we make. We encourage submissions from artists of all genders, ethnicities, abilities and identities.

Applying artists should be aware that Neptune also does not tolerate any form of harassment of its employees, clients, volunteers, or any persons visiting or spending time on its premises.

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