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Wiogora regularly offers clubs for young scholars attending our extended day program.
These "extra" classes meet every day after the end of the main program. They are a great way to get even MORE Wiogora magic!
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Current Offerings:
Our staff have come together to offer the following amazing clubs!

⚝ Flourish and Blotts: Writing, journaling, and book binding.

⚝ Enchantments and Illusions: Theater Troupe

⚝ Swordplay: Playing with (soft and squishy) swords!

⚝ Transfigurations: Terrific fiber and art projects

These classes are limited in size, and will be filled first-come-first-served. You should talk to your young scholar about which clubs they would prefer, in case their first choice is filled.
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Flourish and Blotts
Enchantments and Illusions
All Young Scholars joining a club MUST be enrolled in the AfterCare program.
If you did not sign up this scholar for the AfterCare Program when you registered, please indicate that below and we will add that to your registration. There is a cost of $50 per week for AfterCare for each scholar. You may pay using the Paypal button on the Registration Page on the website, or send an email to our Registrar for other options using the form on the Contact Us page. (If this Young Scholar is the child of a staff member, the AfterCare program is already included as a staff benefit. If your scholar is already receiving a scholarship for the main program, and you need assistance to pay for AfterCare, please message our Headmagister on the "Contact Us" page of the website after submitting this form.)
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If you're signed up for both weeks, but only one week in aftercare and wish to add a week, please select "Other" and briefly explain your situation.
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