2018 Dharma Class registration 法會報名表
Dress appropriately with sleeve and collar as Dharma Class is a solemn occasion. Vegan meals will be served.

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New York: 紐約 彌勒寶堂 Happy Buddha Precious Temple
(718) 961-7049

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Dharma Class is a two-day event held on Sat-Sun 8am-6pm. NOTE: We cannot accommodate one-day only attendance (register only if you are attending both days). 法會是兩天的課程,分別在周六和周日,早上八點至下午六點。恕不接受只要參加一天的報名!
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Name used when you registered to receive the Dao blessing 求道時登記的姓名
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We may not be able to interpret for all languages 我們不一定能翻譯所有語言
Refer to your Dao card for the information below
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Temple where you received the Dao blessing
Date 求道日期
Date you received the Dao blessing; if you don't know exactly, please specify the correct year and month(請填寫您的求道日。若您不確定該日期,請提供大致的年和月份)
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Introducer 引師
Person who introduced you to receive the Dao blessing 介紹您來求道者
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Check all that apply (凡是適合您的情況的都打勾) *
If other family members (age 16 or older) are attending, provide the following information for each: Full Name, Gender, Age, Relationship to you (or you may submit a separate form entry for each)丨
Adult 1(成人1)
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If bringing children (below age 16), please provide the following information for each child: Name, Gender, Age, Remarks
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