GrantForward: Renewal Subscription
Thank you for renewing GrantForward! Please fill out the following form for your renewal. Contact us at for any questions.
1. Subscription Information
Institution Name *
Please give the standard full name of your institution. E.g., for UIUC, it is "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign".
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Subscription Length *
What length of renewal subscription would you like? A 2-year subscription gives a 10% discount and 3-year 15%. See "subscription" page for details.
2. Institution Size Information
Please update your institution size information for determining the pricing. For clarity, we will use University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, or UIUC, as examples.
Campuses *
List each *physical campus* that your institution has. E.g., for University of Illinois, it has three campuses: Chicago, IL (UI Chicago), Urbana, IL (UI Urbana-Champaign), and Springfield, IL (UI Springfield). If you have multiple campuses, please report the students/employees (below) separately for each campus.
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Students *
How many total students (undergraduates and graduates/professional) are in your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 44,520 students including 32,281 undergraduate and 12,239 graduate and professional students.
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Employees *
How many employees (faculty/staff) are in your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 10,349 employees including 2,548 faculty and 7,801 staff.
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Annual Research Spending Volume *
What is the approximate volume of the annual research spending of your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 583 million.
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3. Primary Contact Information
Who will be our primary contact regarding the service? Please update the information. We will communicate with the primary contact-- e.g., send invoices.
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