Parish Council Communications Survey
Dear Houghton & Wyton

Your Parish Council wants to hear from you!

Our village and the greater world around us are experiencing many changes. We all, as villagers and through the Parish Council, have a voice and a part we can play (if we wish).
The Parish Council is keen to ensure everyone in the village is aware of key things that affect us all and that we represent the views of the village when dealing with the district or country council.

The Parish Council creates and shares information with you through many formats. We are interested in knowing if these formats work for you, how we could improve our communications, and how we can improve the sense of community between us all.
We appreciate if you can take 5 minutes to complete this survey. All responses are anonymous. (Unless you want to give us your contact details). The survey can also be taken online through our website:

Please complete as indicated. Note that for brevity "PC " is used for Parish Council
1. Rate level of communication between you and the PC? *
not satisfied
very satisfied
2. Which of the existing ways the PC communicates do you use and which could be more effective? *
OK as it is.
Village notice boards
Village magazine
Community Facebook
Biennial report
PC website
PC emails
PC meetings
Face to face with Clerk or Councillors
3. Please provide examples of how we could improve any of the above methods - please quote the item number.
Your answer
4. Are there any other ways that the PC could communicate, that it is not using, that you feel would be of benefit?
Your answer
The PC has responsibility for the following areas and provides communications relating to these topics.
- Annual PC budget and precept and financial management of these funds.
- Trees and footpaths which are property of the Parish.
- Management of the Pavilion.
- Planning application review and recommendations to HDC.
- Awards of grants to parish groups and community events.
- Maintenance and investment in Parish assets.
- Management and maintenance of the Cemetery and the Church grounds.
5. Having read the above list are there any other aspects of Parish life that you think the PC could provide a platform for communication - in a non-statutory capacity?
Your answer
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