Shoe Request (not clothing)
Welcome! Each request has a maximum of 5 different types/sizes of shoes with a quantity from 1-10. There is a limited number of shoes, so please only request for children truly in need or else others will go without shoes. If requesting special athletic shoes, then describe the shoe in the Comment field at the end of the request. You may call and leave a message if you need help 209-790-3590 or email ((for Shoe request click here
Shoe GAT = Gender+Age+Type
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If your school is not on list, then select Z_other and add school name later in Comment.
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GAT = Gender+Age+Type, G= Male/Female, A=Toddler/Youth/Adult, T= Shoe/Boot/Athletic, Example=MYB (Male+Youth+Boot)
Size of shoe is number from 1-15 (decimal possible for example 7.5)
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Quantity is number from 1-10
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