Venturer Interest Questionnaire (VIQ)

This webform is the online version of Scout Canada's VIQ in the Venturer Handbook. Any Company is welcomed to use this online tool to quickly summarize the interests of your Company. Email: for your Company results (your email address must be registered with Myscouts to receive the results). Instruct participants to provide a common "Company Name", and the name format of your choice.
Some Companies may decide to present the results anonymously.
At the end of the survey there will be an opportunity to provide "other" activity ideas to discuss among your fellow Venturer scouts.
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    Activity Ranking

    In this section, for each activity category, select your top 5 activities that interest you or that you hope to get out of your scouting experience this year.
    Mountain Biking
    Cave Exploring
    Cliff Climbing
    Biking Tours
    Lightweight Camping
    Mountain Climbing
    Survival Camping
    Travel Tours
    Ski Touring
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