Volunteer Membership Application
Please fill this form out if you are interested in becoming a volunteer member of Exchange Ambulance of the Islips. Once completed, you will hear back from our membership committee about the next steps in the interview process. Those steps will include a new member meeting, background check, drug screening and physical by our department physician.
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Are you AHA BLS Provider certified?
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Do you have previous EMS/medical experience?
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Have you belonged to another Fire or EMS agency before?
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What is your availability? Please keep in mind we require each of our members to commit to 6 hours of duty each week after the initial training period. We are a 24/7 emergency service and we have crews scheduled around the clock 365 days a year. (Select All That Apply)
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Are you available either Sunday night or Wednesday night for training for the the first 6 months of membership? *
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Riding Members Only: Are you looking to become an EMT and/or drive the ambulance? Please keep in mind that all of our riding members are required to complete an EMT certification course (if not already done so) or become a cleared ambulance driver within the first two years of membership.
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