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Virus Removal With Desktop Remote
Computer Desktop Remote Service For One Computer Virus Removal and Computer Tune-up *
Computer Adware, Spyware Removal, Toolbar and Junkware With Desktop Remote
Computer Virus Removal in-House For first two hours
Dumb Computer Repair will come to your location to fix your PC for the first two hours. After the first two hours Dumb Computer will charge you at the hourly rate to complete virus removal and tune-up. You can avoid these charges if you allow Dumb Computer Repair to complete virus removal at Computer shop or remove remaining virus by desktop remote.
Virus Removal at your location
Hardware Replacement: For Desktop Computer Hardware (Parts is not included in the price below)
Add Hardware to my com)puter (You must buy the defected part before Dumb Computer Repair comes to your location
Desktop Hardware
Laptop Hardware (Parts is not included in the price below)
Laptop Hardware
Computer Windows Operating Systems (Customer must Produce the Manufacture Recovery disc)
Can you please re-install my operating system
Computer Backup ( Hard Drive or Memory Stick is not include)
This great for anyone who don't have the time to backup their PC
Church Website Design and Help
Create your own Kindle book (Kindle is not include)
Kindle E-book Setup (Create your own book)
Format your E-book to fit in various Kindle Devices for the first 20 pages
Troubleshooting and Repair Hard Drive (Hard Drive is not include)
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