GrantForward: New Subscription
Thank you for subscribing to GrantForward! Please fill out the following form for your new subscription. Contact us at for any questions.
With this subscription, you will make GrantForward useful to your institution-- to reach your members and help them find opportunities and get funding. Thanks for your help to manage GrantForward subscription!!
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1. Subscription Information
Institution Name *
Please give the standard full name of your institution. E.g., for UIUC, it is "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign".
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Subscription Length/Type *
What length/type of new subscription would you like? A 2-year subscription gives a 10% discount and 3-year 15%. See page for details.
Start Date *
What is the date to start the subscription? If you are renewing an existing subscription, please leave this blank. For a new subscription, please allow at least two working days from now to start.
2. Institution Size Information
Please provide institution information for determining the pricing and setting access from your institution campuses. For clarity, we will use University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, or UIUC, as examples.
Campuses *
List each *physical campus* that your institution has. E.g., for University of Illinois, it has three campuses: Chicago, IL (UI Chicago), Urbana, IL (UI Urbana-Champaign), and Springfield, IL (UI Springfield). If you have multiple campuses, please report the students/employees (below) separately for each campus.
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Students *
How many total students (undergraduates and graduates/professional) are in your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 44,520 students including 32,281 undergraduate and 12,239 graduate and professional students.
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Employees *
How many employees (faculty/staff) are in your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 10,349 employees including 2,548 faculty and 7,801 staff.
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Annual Research Spending Volume *
What is the approximate volume of the annual research spending of your institution? E.g., for UIUC: 583 million.
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3. User Access Information
Let us know where users will be coming from to use Grant Forward-- their email domain names and computer IP addresses. If you are renewing, then we already have this, and you can skip this section-- unless the information has changed.
Email Domains
What are the email domain names of your institution? Users with emails in these domains will be automatically covered by this subscription. E.g., for University of Illinois:,
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Computer IP Ranges
What are the IP address ranges of your campus computer network? E.g., for UIUC:,, etc. Users from these IP ranges will be automatically admitted. Consult your IT support to determine. If unclear, you can leave it blank for now.
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4. Subscription Management
Please provide information on how the Grant Forward service will be managed and used in your institution.
Administration *
Which office/department in your institution will manage the Grant Forward subscription?
Expected Users *
Who will be using Grant Forward in your institution? Please check all that apply.
Purpose of Usage *
How does your institution plan to use Grant Forward? Understanding your purpose helps us to improve your experience.
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5. Primary Contact Information
Who will be our primary contact regarding the service? Please provide the information. We will communicate with the primary contact-- e.g., send invoices.
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