Grant Forward: Requesting Free Trial for Institution
Thanks for your interest to try out Grant Forward. Please fill in this for form to provide information for setting up your trial. Upon your request, we will send the trial access to you very soon!
1. First of All-- Thanks for Agreeing to Share Feedback!
Consent: By this request for a trial, you agree to share your feedback at the end of trial. *
We hope and thank your willingness to provide your feedback after the trial-- it's only THREE questions and takes only 5 minutes!.
2. Trial Information
Institution Name *
Please give the standard full name of your institution.
Start Date *
What is the date to start the trial? Please allow two working days for processing after making this request.
Trial Users *
Who will be using the trial? Please check all that apply.
Purpose of Trial *
What does your institution plan to evaluate/achieve through this trial?
Evaluation Criteria *
What do you look for in a good grant search service? Please share the criteria you will use in your trial evaluation.
Grant Sponsors *
We'd like to learn about the typical sponsors that your institution would look for grants from. Tell us a few sponsors that you care. E.g.: American Dental Association, Society For Applied Anthropology, NSF.
3. Access Information
Your trial will cover your entire institution. Let us know where users will be coming from to try out Grant Forward-- their email domain names. You can skip this if no one else will use the trial.
Email Domains
What are the email domain names of your institution? Users with emails in these domains will be automatically covered by this trial. E.g., for University of Illinois:,
4. Need More Administrator Accounts?
We will create an "administrator" account for you, so that you can use not only the general but also the administrative functions. If you want to add your colleagues to have administrator accounts too, please tell us.
Administrator Accounts
List additional administrators you'd like to add. One line per administrator, with name and email. Example: (Line 1) John Smith,, (Line 2) Judy Brown,
5. Invite Faculty/Researchers to Join the Trial!
GrantForward is not only for Grant Administrators but also for Faculty and Researchers! Invite some researchers to join the trial. We will create their "researcher profiles", and they can then experience GrantForward's very popular automatic grant recommendation service.
Online Researcher Directories
The easiest way is to use your online directories: If your institution has online faculty/researcher directories-- with their names, emails, and research interests/publications, then just give us these websites. We will pull data from there to create researcher profiles. E.g.:,
List of Researchers
You can give a list of researchers who you would like to invite to join the trial. List one line per researcher: name, email, publication website. E.g.: (Line 1) Marc Snir,, (Line 2) ....... If you give only names and emails, we will email to invite them to provide their interests/publication information.
6. Ask us for Webinar/Demo!
For a systematic overview to quickly learn about GrantForward, we found it very useful to meet for a live webinar to demo the service. We can give a webinar to you and your colleagues via online meetings.
Webinar/Demo *
Would you like a webinar/demo?
7. Primary Contact Information
Please leave your information so that we can contact you.
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