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School Readiness Questionnaire for Classroom Teachers at the time of completing the SEA
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1.0 School Readiness
The following statements cover key competencies for school readiness agreed by the Manaiakalani School Cluster.
Please state how often the child has been able to do each of the skills listed below in their first 2 weeks of school.
Oral Language Skills
Fluent/competent in first language *
Is able to discuss a topic or a point using full sentences *
Good conversational skills *
Can respond to simple questions/instructions *
Listening: able to listen and focus for a period of time *
Self Confidence
Confident to participate *
Is prepared to take risks and attempt new things *
Basic Routines
Uses simple manners such as please and thank you *
Manages self *
Manages belongings *
Fits in with others *
Attends to hygiene/is toilet trained *
Takes turns *
Can follow basic routines *
2.0 School Enrolment and Transition
2.1 When was this child enrolled at your school? *
Tick only one
2.2 What transition to school occurred for this child? *
3.0 ECEC - School Communication
If your answer to the above question was 'Other' , please specify how
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3.1 in your opinion, how much key information was shared between the ECEC and the school prior to this child starting school? *
Please specify how that sharing of key information occured. *
Please tick as many that apply
4.0 Health and Well-being: Chronic Cough
4.1 Has the child had a cough on most days of the last 4 weeks? *
4.2 If yes, is the cough ...
A chronic wet cough is a mucousy, phlegmy sounding cough that lasts more than 4 weeks and is present most days. It sounds as if the child has mucous in their chest and is often described as a 'chesty' cough.
5.0 School Readiness
School readiness is now considered the combination of the child's readiness for school, the school's readiness for the child, and the family/community's readiness for the child to start school.

In your opinion......

5.3 How 'ready' was the family/whanau for this child to start school? *
5.1 How 'ready' was this child to start school? *
5.2 How 'ready' was the school to provide what was required for this child? *
Ka pai and many thanks for taking the time to complete this
We will collate this with the health, developmental, SEA and social data to gain a holistic picture of school readiness for the tamariki and whanau in Tamaki.
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