Health Questionnaire
Kia Ora Everyone

We are legally required to consult our community about the Health programme we provide.
Our aim is to do our best to contribute to the health and well being of our students. The outline of topics covered at each level is attached for you. We would be grateful if you would read, complete and return as soon as possible.

The Health Curriculum has 4 strands
Personal & Physical Development
Movement Concepts & Motor Skills
Relationships with others
Health Communities & Environments

These are the topics we covered over the last 2 years in Health & PE

PRIDE Programme at the beginning of each year. (Bullying covered as part of the programme)
Ongoing Sports Taranaki Skill programme for all ages.
Life Education for both years programmes included, healthy eating, drug & smoking (seniors), exercise & fitness, hygiene, and making friends.
Changes at Puberty Year 7 to 8.
Keeping Ourselves Safe (Juniors)
Daily fitness, P.E. and or swimming.
Cyber-safety (All class levels)
Swim Safe Programme training for both teachers and students
Weetbix Try-Athlon
Opunake Try-Athlon series
Milk in Schools Education health education programme
Participation in many activity and game days including
Tabloid Sports
Dance (term 4 2015, 2016)
Hockey Training and games
Soccer training and games
Bike Safety Training programme
Bus Safety Training programme
Sunsafe awareness
Health visitors over the past 2 years include
Dental Nurses
Health Nurse
Life Educator Facilitator
Family Planning Facilitator (Changes at Puberty)
Constable Anna Duncan
Cecile Elliot: Swim Safe NZ Sports Taranaki Team
Epilepsy Trainer
John Parsons- Cyber-safety

Please return the questionnaire by 11th August 2017. Thank you

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1. Are there any health topics you would like us to consider?
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2. Are there any issues in the school or community that you would like us to consider?
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3. What skills do you believe children in the 5 to 13 year age grouping need to develop to maintain physical health and fitness?
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4. What relationship skills do you believe children aged 5 to 13 need to develop?
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5. In what way do you believe Opunake Primary School is supporting the development of your child’s/children’s physical, emotional & social wellbeing?
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6. What do you see as problems/issues for boys/girls (please state gender) of your child’s age which affect health & well being?
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Any other suggestions or comments.
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