Fall/Winter 2019 Season Application Form
Please fill out a separate form for each child you wish to have apply to participate.

This form is an application/demonstration of interest for participating in FLL or FLL Jr. It is NOT a GUARANTEE of placement on a team. Placement depends on the number of coaches and thus the number of open spots. The only way to guarantee placement is if you (as a parent) volunteers to coach. All children must live in Moorestown.

For all leagues, it is important that your child attends 90% of all practices. Coaches have the discretion to dismiss a child from the team if too many meetings are missed.

FLL commitments through the season will be about 3 hours a week, but may be more near competitions. Cost is anticipated to be no more than $225 for the season.
FLL Jr commitments are typically 1.5 hours a week for 12 weeks. Cost will be $150

Payment will be due August 15th. Refunds can be requested no later than September 15th.

Choose the League to Sign Up For *
Please note the age ranges. Eligibility for FIRST is determined by comparing the maximum age for the program with the child's age on January 1st of this year. Lower age ranges can be based on the child's age at any point during this year. For example, a child who is 14 as of Jan 1st can still participate in FLL. A Child turning 10 at any point during the year can also participate in FLL. PLEASE NOTE THAT FLL JR PARTICIPANTS MUST BE ABLE TO READ AND WRITE.
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If you were previously on a team and would like to stay or have pre-arranged for a specific coach, please enter the coach's name. We will try, but not guarantee this request.
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Family Information
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Season Availability (Sept 1st, 2019 - Feb 1, 2020):
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Weekend Afternoons (starting between 12pm - 4pm)
Is your child involved in any other activities during this time period? If so, please list them. (ex: soccer, lacrosse, music, art, swimming, etc) *
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How many of these activities run from Sept - Nov and from Nov - Feb?
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Parental help is a large component of having a successful FLL or FLL Jr team. As a parent, are you willing to help in some fashion? Please be specific. One thing we need help with is coordinating the beginning and end of season parties.
examples: coaching, hosting meetings, support in some other way
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