WADL SDC Registration Form
To register teams for the 2018 Schools Debating Competition, please complete the following form.

The registration cost will be $200 per team. Unlike in previous years, there will be no affiliation fee charged to schools.

We have also introduced a subsidised fee of $120 available for schools with an ICSEA value below 1050. If you believe your school is eligible, please enter this into the relevant question on the form.

WADL has received GST exemption from the Australian Taxation Office due to our non-profit status.The above cost does not include GST.

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Novice Teams *
Number of teams for novice level (Years 7&8)
Novice Students *
Estimated number of students for novice level (Years 7&8)
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Junior Teams *
Number of teams for junior level (Years 9&10)
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Number of students for junior level (Years 9&10)
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Senior Teams *
Number of teams for senior level (Years 11&12)
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Number of students for senior level (Years 11&12)
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Preferred Venue
1 = Most preferred — 9 = Least preferred. If you are indifferent between two of the options, please give them the same preference number. (I.e. If you are happy for some of your teams to debate at Perth College on Wed W1 and some to debate at Perth College on Wed W2, please give them the same preference number).
Shenton College (Tue W1)
Hale School   (Wed W1)
Perth College (Wed W1)
Christ Church Grammar School (Tue W2)
Shenton College (Tue W2)
St Stephen's   (Tue W2)
Perth College (Wed W2)
All Saints'       (Wed W2)
St Brigid's (Wed W2)
Do you have any specific requests for particular teams/competition levels/divisions?
(I.e. Have some teams debating on Tue W1 and some teams debating on Tue W2, or having all Novice teams debating on Wed W1 and all Senior teams debating in Wed W2). Please include as much detail as possible to allow us to best accommodate your requests. If you have any fixed school events for whole year groups (camps, tours etc.) then please note the details below so we can try our best to arrange for a Bye for your teams during that round.
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Are there any other Coordinators' details that you would like to be included in the Coordinator Directory? *
The Coordinator Directory is distributed to all Coordinators at the start of the season and includes the name, school and contact details of all Coordinators. It is used to arrange for forfeits or postponements between schools. If your school has multiple Coordinators responsible for managing specific competition levels, then please include their Name, Contact Number, Contact Email and Teams Responsible below. We can only include multiple Coordinators when responsibility is split between competition levels (i.e. A specific Coordinator for Novice or Junior or Senior teams).
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Would you like to apply for the subsidised rate of $120? *
To be eligible your school must have an ISCEA value below 1050 and have had a low rate of forfeits in the 2017 SDC season. Clicking "Yes" is not a guarantee of being granted the subsidy. We will review all applications against the selection criteria and select the participating schools that qualify.
Would you like WADL to issue the invoice to the School Coordinator or to the school finance department? *
Please enter the name and email address of your school's finance officer
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Email address
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Would you like to attend the Coordinator Evening on Tuesday February 27th? *
The evening will run from 6pm-8pm (venue TBC), and will go through everything you need to know for the season. Please feel free to record this event to your Professional Development requirements. If you would like us to confirm your attendance by providing you with a certificate we will be more than happy to do so.
Do you have any dietary requirements for the Coordinator Evening?
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If any other teachers from your school would like to attend, please include their names and dietary requirements below.
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Is there anything else you would like to add?
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