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This is the entry form for cakes to the SB Cake Off!
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Enter the names of all of the people involved in the baking of the cake.
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Category *
Are you a clinical associate? i.e. not a student or campus based staff member *
'Free-Froms'? *
Please let us know if your cake fits any of these categories (please note, there are prizes for the best 'free-from' cake!). NOTE: if you want to be considered for the Free From Winner category please tick here.
Cake description and ingredients *
Please provide a description of your cake and ingredients for the label. **Please note that your cake MUST NOT contain contain fresh cream.**
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List any allergens (i.e. egg, wheat, milk, nuts). *
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Are you happy for your cake to be auctioned off? *
If yes then the cake may be listed in the silent auction in aid of Vets in the Community. Otherwise it will be sold as slices for a donation.
Auction reserve price (£)
If you are happy for your cake to be auctioned off and would like it to have a reserve price, please enter how much you would like this to be. If not, we will give it an appropriate reserve price. (Please enter your price without the £ sign).
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