The Harbor High Parent Booster Club offers several $500 scholarships to Harbor students. Scholarship funds are to pay for school expenses only (books, fees, tuition, etc.) and will be deposited in a college/school account in your name.
Due Date
May 1, 2017
To assist students who have shown an effort to improve in school and have made a contribution to the Harbor or local community.
How to Apply
Students may be nominated by teachers, counselors, and coaches or may apply by filling out an HHPBC scholarship application.
How to Apply
• Minimum GPA 2.5
• Graduating Harbor High senior.
• Student in good standing.
• Must show evidence of involvement in school or community activities.
• Planning to attend accredited 2 - 4-year college or trade school.
• Must submit at least one letter of recommendation (Submit to Harbor High Counselor).
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Community, Extracurricular activities, Leadership, Talents, Employment, & Special Circumstances
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COMMUNITY SERVICE: (volunteering)
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EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: (clubs, sports, organizations)
Please describe in detail your involvement with extracurricular activities at Harbor High.
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LEADERSHIP: (school government, community, club, team)
Please describe in detail your leadership involvement in various areas at Harbor High or the community. Make sure you specify the events or activities you led and the amount of time, daily or weekly, you were in a leadership position.
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TALENTS OR SPECIAL SKILLS: (music, dance, drama)
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