Student Transfer Application
Before applying, please make sure you understand the following:

“School Choice” is a term used to describe a wide array of programs aimed at giving parents the option
to choose the schools their children will attend at taxpayer expense. State and federal laws already give
Texas students choices among public schools. Students in Texas may choose to attend a public school
outside of their attendance zone by: exercising inter- and intra-district transfer options, attending a
magnet school or program, or enrolling in a charter school.

School Choice Options Currently Available in Texas:

Intra-District Transfers: Texas school boards may adopt intra-district transfer policies that allow
students to transfer between schools within the same district. Nearly all of the approximately 475
multi-campus districts in Texas have adopted intra-district transfer policies. Many multi-campus districts
by policy or practice also provide an “open enrollment” period during the school year when students
may enroll in any school within their resident district on a “space available” basis.

Inter-District Transfers: Additionally, approximately 1000 districts have adopted inter-district transfer
policies, allowing a student to transfer to another school district.

The student’s residence is defined as the permanent and principal home for the entire family unit.
It is presumed that a student resides with the parent.

Students must provide documentation of legal guardianship by an appropriate authority, if applicable.

Students who enroll in Woodson ISD may be asked to provide documentation offering proof of purchase or lease of the residence, official change of mailing address, a current utility bill in the parent’s name, voter registration of parents/guardians indicating the new address, or driver’s licenses with the current address (this is not an all-inclusive list).

Student athletes and their parents are strongly encouraged to review Section 442 of the UIL constitution when changing residences from one school to another, especially as it relates to athletic eligibility.

Due to capacity issues at Woodson ISD, the district may not accept transfer requests for siblings.

Please note that all UIL Eligibility rules apply. Pertinent rules are listed below; however, complete UIL Constitution and Contest Rules can be found at

The Woodson Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices. For inquiries, please contact the school at 940-345-6521.

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