Team Discount Form for Halifax PLAYS Flag Football (Fall 2017)
Please complete this form to use the discounted team registration fee for our Flag Football league. The discount team fee covers up to a MAXIMUM of 12 players total, and the person who pays the team fee (ordinarily the captain) is typically the one completing this form. Any additional players would pay the Individual registration fee of $25.

NOTE: All players must also register as an individual to complete the registration process. Please go to to complete your registration. Players will NOT be added to your roster unless they complete the individual registration process as well.

If you need any assistance, please email
1) What is your name? *
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2) What is the team name that you are paying the $250 team fee for? *
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3) What is your role on the team? *
4) What is your preferred team colour? *
Please choose two options. We will notify teams of their team colour once the schedule is set.
5) Who are the other prospective players on your team who will be covered by the team fee? *
Please list up to 11 other players on your team, with email contact information, excluding yourself. NO MORE THAN 12 PLAYERS MAY BE COVERED BY THE TEAM FEE.
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6) Have all the players listed above registered with the league? *
Make sure that all individual players sign up by the deadline.
7) Please be advised that there are 2 roster spots reserved for individuals/ free agents on each team. Do you need additional individual players to be added to your roster beyond this? *
8) If yes to requiring additional players, how many might you need?
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9) How do you plan on paying your $250 team fee? *
10) Is there anything else regarding your team, or payment of the team fee, that the flag football organizers should know?
In particular, if the primary contact info for your team is different than the contact info that we have on file from your own registration, please let us know.
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