Parent Survey

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    The school maintains a positive climate for learning
    Overall my child enjoys school and views it as a positive experience
    I feel adequately informed of my child’s progress
    My child has a clear understanding of what they are expected to know (learning targets) 
    When I have wanted to share my ideas, I’ve had the opportunity to do so
    I feel welcome when I visit the school
    Parents have many opportunities to be involved in their child’s education
    When I help at the school, the teachers and staff use my time and talents well
    Communication from the school keeps me informed of events and activities
    The management responds to individuals and their concerns in a warm and caring manner
    Teachers provide clear communication to parents regarding their students’ learning
    The management is prompt and polite in handling my concerns and/or putting me in touch with the appropriate person
    I understand and can interpret my child’s report cards and other assessment data that is sent home
    The management is available or responds to my phone call or email when I need to speak to them
    The management recognizes students for their successes in school
    I am satisfied with the education experience my child has had this year
    The management actively involves parents and community in developing and implementing school improvement strategies
    I am aware of the plans and vision for the school
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