HHS - Sophomore Class Officer Application
Directions: Please complete the following application for a position as a Sophomore Class Officer. Be sure to read carefully all the areas listed herein on this application prior to completion and/or submission. You will be afforded one opportunity to submit this form. Any attempt to make multiple submissions will result in you being ineligible for any sophomore class officer position. Any omitted information on this form may result in your application not receiving full consideration, so be sure to complete each section. A description of each position, duties, and responsibilities will be sent by email and can be accessed by contacting the Sophomore Class Advisor.
1. Your name *
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2. Primary Position Applying For (select one)
3. If you are not selected for the primary office you have listed above, which of the following positions would you be interested?
Vice President
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Third Choice
4. Approximate current GPA *
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5. Have you in the last year had any disciplinary infractions?
6. If you answered "yes" to the above question please use the space below to explain. *
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7. Have you previously held a class officer position? If so, please give the position and year. (ex: secretary, Freshmen Class) *
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8. Please list all the extracurricular clubs and organizations which you are a member and any position you hold within that organization. (List past and present organizations in which you have served, both within and outside HHS) *
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9. List two strengths. *
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10. List two weaknesses. *
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11. List any ideas, projects, event, or goals you would like to see the Class of 2020 accomplish this year.
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12. Teacher recommendation (list 2). List the two teachers who you are asking for a recommendation. The teachers you list will be sent a URL link to complete the recommendation on your behalf. Please ask the teachers if they are willing to complete a recommendation on your behalf and inform them of the primary position for which you are applying. [Option: you can elect to print out the recommendation forms and give them to those specific teachers.] *
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13. ESSAY: In 300 words or less explain what characteristics you possess that qualify you to hold the position(s) for which you are applying and why you should be chosen to fill this sophomore class position. *
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14. Before you submit. By checking below I agree that I have completed this application accurately, truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that any information I have included on this application will be verified and any inaccuracies or falsified statements could result in my application being dismissed. I also understand that all references listed herein will be contacted regarding, but not limited to my character, academic standing and attendance for the position(s) which I am applying. I also agree that I will the Sophomore Class Officer Constitution and bylaws. I certify that I have read and fully understand all parts of this application. *
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