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Sleep in Williams syndrome: Insights from EEG studies - Prof. Dr. Ilona Kovács, Dr. Robert Bódizs (Hungary) 
Cardiovascular anomalies in patients with Williams syndrome - Prof. Dr.Damien Bonnet (France) 
The Williams syndrome cognitive profile: Implications for education - Hannah Broadbent, Dr. Emily Farran (UK) 
"Chromosome 7", a story of an actress living with Williams Syndrome - Marion Coutarel (France)
Oral health (care) and Williams-Beuren syndrome: challenges and opportunities - Prof. Dr. Dominique Declerck (Belgium)
Neurocognitive studies of infants and toddlers with Williams syndrome - Dr. Dean D'Souza, Prof. Dr. Annette Karmiloff-Smith (UK)
The need for European-wide network for evaluating medicines for WBS, Example of minoxidil a randomized controlled trial for children with WBS in France - Pro. Dr. Behrouz Kassai (France)
An overview of the genetic aspects of Williams syndrome and research approaches - Dr. Kay Metcalfe (UK)
Williams-Beuren Syndrome - A multisystem disorder - Prof. Dr. Rainer Pankau (Germany)
Cross border health care information - Dr. Gábor Pogány (Hungary)
Support of Social Participation of People with Disabilities - Dr. Lucie Procházková, Lenka Kratochvilova (Czech Republic)  
Syndrome-specific linguistic markers of Williams syndrome - experimental and intervention data - Prof. Dr. Julia Siegmüller (Germany)
Music Therapy - Anita Toth-Bakos (Slovakia)
Cognitive and Behavioural phenotype - Prof. Dr. Stefano Vicari (Italy)
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