Florida Hands and Voices Regional Chapter Application
The form is used to start a Regional Chapter of Hands & Voices in Florida
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(1) As the start-up point-of-contact for this regional chapter, talk about your personal philosophy of communication choices. *
(2) Please list the group of people that have formed to start this regional chapter. Include whether they are a parent of a deaf/hh child and/or professional, an/or an adult who is deaf or hard of hearing, Are early Intervention/Part C and School/Part B represented? Note how communication method diversity and parent/professional collaboration is represented and assured. *
(3) Why are you interested in starting a regional chapter of Hands & Voices in your area? What is the clear need for Hands & Voices in your area? *
(4) Please describe how you/your group will ensure that the values and mission of Hands & Voices will be carried out. *
(5) Please describe your understanding of the Hands & Voices slogan "What works for your child is what makes the choice right." Express your regional chapter's commitment to unbiased support. *
(6) How will your Hands & Voices regional chapter function administratively, i.e. how will it be linked to existing systems, (ex: schools, health department, other..)? Please list current and anticipated funding mechanisms for sustainability of your regional chapter. *
Florida Hands & Voices Regional Group Terms
* I agree and understand that this Regional Group will abide by the mission and vision of Hands & Voices.

* I agree and understand that a representative from our Regional Group will participate in every Florida Hands & Voices Board Meeting, either in person or on the phone.

* I agree and understand that our Regional Group is not an individual chapter, but a subgroup of the one and only state chapter of Florida Hands & Voices.

* I agree and understand that all of our Regional Groups events must be open to anyone in the state of Florida who would like to participate and I will not limit participation based on my geographic location, the facility in which I host events, or any other factor.

* I agree and understand that I must communicate information about all events this Regional Group hosts to the Florida Hands & Voices Regional Group Coordinator, so that our event can be shared on the website and via social media.

* I agree and understand that my Regional Group will not develop a separate website or Facebook page, and that we will use the official Florida Hands & Voices site and other social media to share our information with the state.
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