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LeadHER Greenville Membership Application : 2019-2020
Who is LeadHER Greenville? LeadHER Greenville consists of up to 30 young women who are between the ages of 21 and 35 at the time that they join. LeadHER members seek to be empowered through professional development and outreach to the Greenville community by leading fundraising events and service programs.

The overall objectives of LeadHER Greenville are:

- To empower members through leadership and service
- To build awareness and support for women’s issues by planning awareness and fundraising events
- To provide a professional and personal network for its members

Time Commitment:
LeadHER Greenville meets on the first Tuesday of every month (exceptions noted) at 6 pm. A maximum of two unexplained absences are allowed per year. Committee meetings are held as needed. LeadHER Greenville members also have the option to participate in monthly community programs and social events.

To provide quality professional development and fellowship opportunities, applicants who are selected are asked to pay membership dues of $100. Dues will be required within the first 3 months of acceptance.

Selection Process:
Once applications are reviewed, applicants will be notified regarding their selection into LeadHER Greenville.

To be considered for membership:
1. Fill out the application form on the next page
2. Provide your resume
3. Submit one letter of recommendation (professional preferred)
Application Due: June 14, 2019 at 11:59PM

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