NISF Leadership Team Application 2018 - 2019

Net Impact San Francisco is about connecting with a group of like-minded professionals with a similar values system - to create social and environmental change. As a part of this mission, we are looking for a new group of like-minded individuals to join the chapter Leadership Team over the next year to help drive this mission forward.

About the opportunity:
- Open to anyone interested in the sustainability and social impact space, whether you currently work in it or not.
- The leadership team, and chapter in general is a great network of people to get involved with and also a resume/LinkedIn booster.
- We have a very flat team structure and are very open-minded - there is room to make this role you want it to be, to
create the kind of events you want to see, to step up, or to support others. All are welcome!

- Participation in chapter from October 2018- October 2019
- Co-host 1-2 events per year (happy hours, hikes, panel discussions, whatever you’re interested in).
- Hours invested: 3 or so/month (sometimes less) + 1 monthly leadership meeting + attendance of monthly event
- Participation is very important. We do expect you to attend the chapters events and support the leadership team in
promoting each event. While things come up and we’re understanding of work pressures that may ebb and flow, we
do need people that are on board and really interested in building up this chapter over the next year.
- Be responsive to emails/texts/slack/etc.

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Have you had any prior involvement with Net Impact? If so, please describe (none necessary for the role)
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Please describe up to 3 content themes which you are passionate about (i.e., social enterprises, sustainable food, nonprofit effectiveness, etc.). This will help us plan for our upcoming year.
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How much time/capacity do you have to invest? (Needs for the team will ebb and flow from month to month, but as a baseline we say 3 hrs/month + meetings. Some months will be less, some a little more. We all work together as a team and will work with you.)
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Picture yourself assisting with an event. What is the primary role you see yourself playing?
Do you have any ideas for potential Net Impact events? (No worries if not, we'll work on this later)
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What other activities are you involved in? (Teams, boards, clubs, networking groups, etc.) We want to know what you're interested in!
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Do you have access to event /meeting space? Y/N (Please note: this is out of curiosity and is not involved in evaluating you as a chapter leader)
Anything would you like to share with our team?
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