"Self Evident: Asian America's Stories" seeks audio story pitches from producers and reporters
If you're NOT a professional audio producer, please use this form instead: https://bit.ly/2rduG5v

We’re developing episodes for the next season of "Self Evident," a podcast that challenges the narratives about where we're from, where we belong, and where we're going -- by presents character-driven, contemporary narratives about Asian Americans.

We pay NPR national freelance rates to producers whose stories are commissioned, with room for negotiation. Every story we green light will also have a producer/editor assigned to it, and we'll figure out the best mix of work depending on what you're pitching and what exactly you want to do. All pitches received will be treated with confidentiality. We’re also connecting with a wide range of Asian American arts and cultural groups, and we'll be eager to collaborate directly with producers to maximize the impact of your work, amplify your voice, and honor your community.

If you'd like to ask any questions before submitting your pitch, please write to Managing Producer James Boo (james@selfevidentshow.com).
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We're looking for...
...stories about love, relationships, and family. This is the place for all your thorny, funny, and so-not-funny-that-they’re-funny tales about dating, about friendship and camaraderie, about clashing with parents over inter-generational differences and expectations that seem impossible to reconcile. We’re also interested in the distinct gender dynamics for men, women, straight, queer, trans, and non-binary Asian Americans.

...stories about being used as a “wedge” or “model minority” in a policy debate, a rift opening between friends, or that Facebook thread that went places you weren’t expecting. Asian Americans are often caught in a complicated racial web, and we want to dive headfirst into it. This could range from an experience with the current national debate over affirmative action to the intersection of Asian homeowners and NIMBY politics to that time you went to see Get Out and (...well, you tell us).

...stories about immigration, race, and the struggle to belong. The long history of Asian immigration to the U.S. continues today, and we want to investigate the unexpected, underrepresented layers of this experience. Examples might include the deportation of adoptees, the discovery of “paper sons” in a family’s background, racism between different Asian American communities, and the experiences that only multiracial people can describe.

...stories that challenge what “Asian American” even means, as this incredibly broad demographic continues to grow and reflect different experiences. Our show and the stories we present will uphold the most inclusive possible definition of this term, including people of Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Central Asian heritage. If the characters in your story at all consider themselves Asian and the story takes place in the U.S., please get in touch :)
The story should...
...be a character-driven narrative. Ideally it’s a journey that unfolds as the result of decisions made or challenges faced by 1-3 people, revealing important questions or insights along the way.

...be contemporary. Bridging the past to the present is fantastic, but ultimately we’re trying to give audiences something to wrestle with in the present day, which could change how we think about our stake in the American story moving forward.

...show how the experiences of an Asian American individual or community tap into a greater truth about the narratives we rely on to make sense of our nation, our communities, and our own lives.

Our show doesn't have a set tone, but members of our community panel have referred to our stories as "unflinching" and "inquisitive."
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About Us
"Self Evident" (selfevidentshow.com) is a studiotobe production, made by a group of Asian American media professionals whose collective craft ranges from broadcast journalism to documentary film to digital product development. Our team and advisory board draw on professional experience from Latino USA, Snap Judgment, Gimlet Creative, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, and the Atlantic.

We believe that storytelling is an act of participation. Our mission is to help Asian Americans of all backgrounds become the subjects, authors, and decision-makers of their stories. By producing this show, we aim to bring the diversity of the fastest growing minority group in the country into focus, and create resources for Asian American storytellers to shape the ongoing narratives of life in our United States.
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