What's Your 'FieldTrips' Idea?
What can you teach? What talents will you share?

FieldTrips are meetups to interact, learn and collaborate in an effort to level-up your creative life. Built on top of our 20,000 monthly attendees at CreativeMornings talks, FieldTrips are designed and organized by amazing individuals and organizations from within our community. They are offered in the same spirit of generosity that has powered CreativeMornings events for the past decade. Most FieldTrips are intimate gatherings limited to 25 people.

We’re looking for CreativeMornings community members interested in hosting FieldTrips. Whether it’s a photo walk, a hand-lettering workshop, or comparing Adobe Illustrator tips & tricks, we’d love for you to consider sharing your creative talent. We’re in a prototyping phase, so dream big! We’ll help you create, organize, and promote your event.

Submissions with complete or near complete information will be prioritized. We can only respond to ideas we'd like to pursue. We truly appreciate your time and creativity.

Title of your FieldTrip *
What will attendees do and where or with whom? (eg. 'Design & Print Your Own Stickers with Kathleen Martin')
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Description of your FieldTrip *
Your description should be detailed, specific and outcome-focused. Share what attendees will learn, how they’ll participate, what they’ll take away, and your expectations of them. The more descriptive & specific, the better the audience!
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Your reason & 'qualification' *
Tell us why you’re interested in hosting this and what you feel makes you “qualified” - whatever that means ;)
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What city are you in? *
We're scaling this. Below are our priority cities but don't let that stop you!
Do you have a venue and what is the capacity? *
Ideas with a venue are easier and faster for us to accommodate. If you have one in mind, what is it and how many attendees can join? We aim for 25 but the actual number is totally up to you.
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