Reproductive Rights Questionnaire
Please note that this is not an endorsement application. This questionnaire simply confirms that you are a pro-choice Democratic woman and that Ruth's List can engage with you. To apply for an endorsement, a separate application must be submitted.

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Question 1
Ruth’s List Florida supports Democratic women running for state and local office in Florida who support reproductive health, rights, and justice. We envision a Florida where anyone should be able to receive the abortion care they need and create their families without barriers, fear, stigma, or interference from others.  

The central premise of the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision is the guaranteed right to end a pregnancy before viability and after viability if an abortion is necessary to preserve the life or health of the pregnant patient.
1) Do you agree with the central premise of Roe v. Wade and will you vote, if given the opportunity, to preserve it? *
Question 2
Currently, the Hyde Amendment and state-based bans block Medicaid funding for abortion services with only three extremely narrow exceptions: when continuing the pregnancy will endanger the patient’s life, or when the pregnancy results from rape or incest. This means Medicaid cannot cover abortion even when a patient’s health is at risk and their doctor recommends they get an abortion. Laws like the Hyde Amendment penalize low-income people seeking abortion — creating barriers to abortion care for those already struggling to make ends meet.
2) Do you support Medicaid coverage of abortion? *
Question 3
Since 2011, anti-abortion politicians have quietly passed more than 480 medically unnecessary and politically-motivated state restrictions, creating a web of barriers that push safe, affordable abortion care out of reach for many. In Florida, our state constitution’s privacy clause protect the right to abortion. Yet, recent laws and proposals restrict this right significantly, especially for young people and those with low income. Some of the most recent restrictions include:

-Requiring parental consent for minors seeking abortions
-Requiring a three-day waiting period before receiving an abortion
-Requiring that a patient undergo an ultrasound before receiving an abortion
-Instituting bans on all abortions after 20 weeks
-Criminalization of healthcare providers performing abortions
-Allowing only certain types of abortion methods to be performed
3) Do you oppose all of the above as well as ANY further restrictions to reproductive rights or access in Florida? *
Questions 4 & 5
Polls show that 85 percent of Americans support sex education in schools. Federal funds provided for sex education are now being diverted to harmful abstinence only programs that numerous studies have shown to be ineffective in preventing unintended pregnancy and STIs.
4) Do you support A) age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education and B) preventive-health and education measures designed to help reduce unintended pregnancy and STIs? *
5) Do you oppose continued funding for harmful and ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs? *
6) Right now, federal law protects access to reproductive healthcare services for minors, but most states impose regulations specific to abortion. Do you support the right for all young people to have access to a safe place to receive confidential reproductive health care services? *
Question 7
Access to contraceptives has proven to be a key indicator in positive outcomes for  a person’s economic, education, and health status. Currently, for-profit corporations are allowed to deny their employees insurance coverage for birth control based on the business owner’s personal religious beliefs. Because of this, thousands of people are unable to access contraceptive care through their health insurance.
7) Do you oppose employers denying their employees access to basic health care services like birth control? *
8) Are you opposed to further public funding of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that intentionally seek to deceive people with unintended pregnancies about abortion care decisions and shame and stigmatize the decision to get an abortion? *
9) Do you oppose any legislation or initiatives that would encourage or allow entities to intentionally restrict people from being able to access the full range of reproductive services, including birth control, contraception, sex education, and abortion? *
Question 10
Reproductive justice is the notion that all people should have the social, political, and economic power and resources to be able to make healthy decisions about their gender, bodies, and families for themselves and their communities. Reproductive justice sits at the intersection of reproductive rights and social justice, and requires that access to reproductive healthcare and decisions must be contextualized and must center underrepresented voices, especially those with low-income and people of color. This principle is guided by the notion that in order to truly have reproductive freedom, one must not be inhibited by social, political, financial, or geographic factors. Ruth’s List considers reproductive justice to be a core tenet of our movement.
Do you support the concept of reproductive justice? *
Have you expressed any past positions that are inconsistent with your above positions? If so, please explain. *
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