Genericon 32 Vendors' Form
Genericon 32, February 22, 2019 (Planned, to be confirmed.)

Registration closes December 2, 2018

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Pricing and Arrangement:
- Each booth is $50 + $100 per Edge Booth Slots or $50 per Center Booth Slots.
- If you would like up to widen your booth by up to 4 feet in order to better fit your booth, please note it below in additional notes, price will increase by $5 per foot.
- Each booth will have a 4ft mini-aisle next to them, branching from the main aisles.
- Booth slots should be contiguous. E.g: Getting center booth slots facing both aisles is fine, but you can't get both edge and center slots, crossing the aisle.
- We will provide 8'x2.5' tables and chairs, note the number needed.
Genericon 32 Vendors' Map
Number Booth Slots (Edge or Center) Requested. *
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Booth Arrangement Requests
Requests such as arranging two center booth slots facing both aisles vs two slots facing the same aisle, placement near the beginning or ends of the aisles, placement relative to the loading bay, or placement near another vendor you are familiar with.
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Number 8' x 2.5' Tables Needed *
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Number Chairs Needed *
Will default to number of badges.
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Vendor Description and Previous Vending Experience. *
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Vendor Description *
Description of your business to be placed in Conbook.
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Additional Notes or Comments
Questions can be sent directly to
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