EmoryUnite! Petition for Extended Funding and Additional Measures
Dear Deans Love and Tedesco,

More than 60 universities have extended the tenure clocks for tenure track faculty by one year. Many research projects have been put on hold due to COVID-19, which has had implications for publication, promotion, and progression in one’s academic career. By granting junior faculty an extension on their tenure clock, these universities have acknowledged the full severity of the effects that the current public health crisis has had and will continue to have on all forms of academic research.

A similar proposal is being put forth by and for graduate students at many of our peer institutions, and we believe Emory should similarly grant PhD students at Emory another year of funding. The current public health crisis has affected the research of PhD students in the same ways that it has affected the research of faculty members. Guaranteed funding and tenure in our PhD programs for a full additional year (beginning this summer and extending to the fall and spring of next year) will give us the time and the resources we need to do the research we came to Emory to do. A full additional year of guaranteed funding and healthcare benefits that are equal to the baseline funding that all PhD students received this year is necessary for a multitude of reasons, especially given the yearly hiring cycles in academia. This is an opportunity for Emory to lead other universities in demonstrating its support for its PhD students in this time of unprecedented disruption to the normal operations of academia and the world.

PhD students in every department and program have been affected by the current public health crisis. We cannot access our labs, have been forced to halt all fieldwork, cannot access secure data, and cannot access archives and important texts. Many of us must take care of dependents, and a number of us are likely to become sick ourselves. Faculty who are taking on additional tasks are less able to offer us advising during this time. In addition, the cancellation of hundreds of conferences and colloquia has extensively curtailed opportunities for PhD students to present research, get feedback, and establish ourselves as scholars in our respective fields. Lastly, many universities have already begun to publicly announce that they will have ‘hiring freezes’ for the upcoming year. As the global economy heads towards a recession, students near the job market must confront a profoundly challenging hiring landscape.

In addition to guaranteed funding and benefits for an additional year, we believe Emory should also adopt the following measures:

The elimination of continuation fees
-  As stated above, this crisis has affected everyone’s ability to continue their work on schedule. As such, continuation fees should be waived for all students.
-  Those continuation fees already paid should be reimbursed.

A clear, standardized work policy for all Emory workers:
-  No Emory worker should be required to work on campus, except in rare cases, as it puts workers and the Emory community in danger. Emory should provide clear, standardized policies for what constitutes essential work.
-  Departments, individual advisors, PIs and other supervisors should not have discretion to compel in-person work beyond the terms set forth by the University.

Expanded support for international graduate workers:
-  Emory should assist international graduate workers in renewing or extending visas and provide free legal support on issues related to immigration, work access, etc.
-  Emory should not jeopardize international graduate workers' right to stay in the U.S. Existing employment and funding for international graduate workers should be maintained at current levels, and Emory should waive any fees or balances that might hinder the ability to stay at Emory.

Guaranteed paid time off and paid sick leave for graduate workers:
-  Emory should provide unlimited paid sick leave and full health benefits to graduate workers so we can care for ourselves and our loved ones.
-  Emory should guarantee graduate workers paid time off to care for our children while schools and childcare facilities are closed.

Support for graduate workers abroad:
-  Emory should assist graduate workers who are currently outside the U.S. in securing safe travel, healthcare, etc.
-  Emory should reimburse all medical costs and transportation costs associated with these workers’ safety.

Guaranteed coverage for coronavirus testing and vaccination:
-  Emory should cover copays and deductibles for all workers at Emory should they need to be tested and treated for coronavirus.

Emory must adopt these measures to ensure the safety of all workers. EmoryUnite! calls on the University administration to adopt them with the urgency required by these difficult circumstances.


Isaac Horwedel, Graduate Division of Religion, '22
Esra Sefik, Neuroscience PhD Program, GDBBS, 2022
Alexander Clifton, Mathematics, 2022
Jian Xu, political science, 2020
Hyunju Lee, Graduate department of religion(New Testament), 2022
Norah Elmagraby, ICIVS 2021
Michael Samuel, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, May 2021
Callie Tabor, Graduate Division of Religion, 2021
Tala AlRaheb, Religion, 2023
Faiza Rahman, ICIVS, 2022
Brittany Landorf, Graduate Division of Religion, 2023
Azadeh Vatanpour, Religion, 2022
Yu Liu, HPM, 2021
Juvaria Tariq, Mathematics, 2022
Jessica Star, Sociology MA 2020
Jonathan Basile, Comparative Literature, 2022
Rebecca Parker, Cancer Biology, 2025
Nicole Bowen, MMG Program (Department of Pediatrics), 2023
Abraham Moller, Department of Medicine, 2021
Mike mortillo, GMB, 2024
Nadia Harerimana, Genetics and Molecular Biology & 2023
Maha Rashid, Neuroscience, 2024
Abinash Pati, Goizueta Business School, 2022
Dimitrios Zaras, Sociology Department, 2021
Chad R. Camp, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology, 2022
Mahmoud Zeydabadinezhad, CS, 2024
Yiqing Xiao, Economics,2022
Britton Barbee, MSP, 2022
Peipei, Chemistry Department, 2021
Courtney Rawlings, Art History, 2021
Madison Bondy, Anthropology, 2023
Andrew Kaplan, Comparative Literature, 2024
Annie McEwen
Eric Flohr Reynolds, Comparative Literature, 2021
Daniel Lustberg, GDBBS-MSP, 2023
Shabnam Hossein, Psychology Department, 2022
Wyatt Harris, GDR, May 2022
Weirong Guo, Sociology, 2022
Pooja Srinivas, Biochemistry, 2022
Gabrielle Lopiano, Business (Org. & Mgmt.), Spring 2021
Zhengyi Zhu, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, 2021
Ha (Milkie) Vu, Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences, 2022
Lin Ge, BIOS, 2022
Sean Bresler 2021
Joseph Nixon, Organization & Management, 2024
Seyyedehnasim Mousavi, Goizueta Business School, 2023
Devika Basu, Psychology, 2021
Isabelle Meyer Ensass, Comparative Literature, 2024
Marcelitte Failla, Graduate Division of Religion, May 2022
Julian, MSP GDBBS,2022
Kemal Budak, Sociology, 2021
Bailey Betik, English, 2023
Abby Scribner, Comparative Literature, 2021
Michael Chiddo, Philosophy, 2022
Matthew Bryson, Neuroscience (Physiology department of SOM), 2023
Wisdom Takumah, Economics Department, 2024
Brendan Moore, Comparative Literature, 2022
Ariel Ley, Immunology, 2020
Jordan Daniels, Philosophy, 2020
Mohamed Tageldin, Biomedical Informatics, 2021
Jared Jones, May 2021
Patricia Lewis, Sociology, 2021
Dana Williamson, BSHE, 2020
Sydney Sunna, Neurology, 2023
Ali Ahmadvand, Computer Science, December 2020
Anwesha, ICIVS, 2024
Alicia Rodriguez, French, 2022
Mani Sotoodeh, Computer Science, 2021
Samantha Schwartz, Biochemistry, 2020 (now likely 2021)
Daniel McManus, IMP, 2023
Paul Dallaghan, Anthropology, 2020
Steven Marquardt, GDR, 2022
Vishnu, MMG, 2024
Thomas Austin Nuckols, Pharmacology, 2023
Larelle Bookhart, Nutrition and Health Sciences, 2021
Haley Jones, Art History, 2023
Katherine M. Hutchinson, BCDC, 2024
Alicia Lane, NS, 2025
Elizabeth Bilsborough, Nursing, 2023
Jason Walsh, Philosophy, 2022
Hanyi Yu, Computer Science, 2022
Abbey Hafer, Art History, 2023
Chandra Sekhar Mangipudi, GBS PhD, 2020
Katrina Aberizk, Psychology, 2025
William Tolbert, English, 2021
Jacoby Robinson, PBEE, 2025
Justin Shaw, English Department, 2020
Nicholas Harbin, Molecular and Systems Pharmacology, 2022
Athena Russell, Department of Pediatrics, Graduate Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2021
Aliaksandr Zaretski, Economics, 2021
Annie Goettemoeller, Neuroscience/Cell Biology, 2024
Rizky Etika, Art History, 2020
Franck Andrianarivo, French and Italian, 2021
Liz Heaton, Pediatrics, 2023
Jennifer Truong (BCDB Program), 2023
Cyrus Chi, Psychology, 2022
Kelin Michael, Art History, 2022
Melissa Engel, Department of Psychology, 2024
Rachel Parker, Biostatistics, 2025
Xiaoyuan Guo, Computer Science Department, 2022
Shiva Sai Ram Urella, Graduate Division of Religion, 2024
Sam Druzak, biochemistry, 2022
Juliet Santiago, Neuroscience, 2026
Sarah Samaranayake, MS Candidate Class of 2021, CBTO 4+1, GDBBS - Laney Graduate School
Thomas H. Costello, Psychology, 2022
Nicholas D Johnson, Human Genetics, 2021
David Nichols, Spanish & Portuguese Department, 2023
Daniela Hernández, Hispanic Studies 2023
Yeongju Lee, Spanish and Portuguese, 2022
Ryan Peterson, GDR, 2021
Arturo Luna Loranca, History, 2022
Sandra Mendiola, Biology 2023
Federica Signorini, comparative literature, 2022
Benjamin Davis, Philosophy, 2021
Sara Saba, Philosophy, 2021
Joseph Benavides, Philosophy 2021
Maryam Khaqan, Mathematics, 2021
Dylan Holder, Biology
Olivia Johnson, Sociology, 2023
Catherine Fullarton, Philosophy, 2021
Clark Brinson, Sociology, 2023
Whitney Ronshagen, Philosophy, 2021
Mujahid Osman, Graduate Division of Religion, May 2024
Lisa Blackmer-Raynolds, Neuroscience PhD Program (first year), Expected Graduation 2025
Sarah Warren, Philosophy, 2022
Lindsey Meyer, French and Italian, 2024
Nuri Jeong, GDBBS/NS, 2022
Kelsey Shaw, PBEE, 2023
Thomas Shiu, Human Genetics, 2022
Meghan Wynne, Dept. of Cell Biology/Neuroscience PhD Program, expected graduation 2022
Handi Li, Department of Political Science, 2022
Emily Pingel, Sociology, 2021
Meghna Ravi, Neuroscience, 2023
Anjuli Webster, History, 2024
Kimberly Neal, History dept., 2024
Georgia Brunner, History, 2023
Madelyn Stone, History Department, 2022
Riza Yildirim, Graduate Division of Religion, 2021
Jamica Zion, Sociology, 2023
Loy Xingwen, PBEE
Aleo Pugh, History, 2024
Kanika Sharma, Sociology, 2024
Jorge Lizarzaburu, Philosophy 2021
Michaela Jenkins, Sociology '25
Xorla Ocloo, Biology, 2023
Xiangxi Gao, Mathematics
Jiaxuan Yu, Sociology, 2024
Donohon Abdugafurova, ICIVS, 2020
Tim Rainey, GDR, 2020
Marianne Parrish Florian
Ellen Krall, Biology, 2024
Amy Greenblatt, Nursing, 2020
Michelle Sequeira, NS, 2022
Joni Webster, Sociology, 2022
Andie Alexander, Graduate Division of Religion, 2022
Aiden Ford, Neuroscience, 2024
Ninon Vessier French & Italian, 2023
Tosen Nwadei, Goizueta Business School, 2023
Keenan Wiggins, Biology
Carla Jones-Harrell, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, 2023
Rongmei Lin, Computer Science, 2023
Santiago Montoya-Blandón, Economics, 2021
Matthew Ittenbach, English, 2024
Natalie Catasus, Comparative Literature 2022
Sara Kaplan, Goizueta Business School, 2023
Ra’Niqua Lee, English Department, 2023
Jacob Mattingly, Biochemistry, 2023
Jessica Root Neuroscience 2022
Anthony Downs, MSP 2020
Alexis Mayfield, English, 2023
Jennifer L. Aycock, Graduate Division of Religion, 2021
Perrine Gaudry, French & Italian, 2022
Si Chen, Computer Science, 2022
Keith Menhinick, Religion, 2022
April Ratliff, NS, 2022
Timothy Schum, ICIVS 2021
Nelly Wamaitha, Graduate Division of Religion, 2022
Susie Shepardson, Psychology, 2024
J. Dale Combs, Chemisrty, 2021
Taylor Kahl, Neuroscience (GDBBS), 2024
Margaret Nagawa, Art History, 2025
Elizabeth Caris, Art History, 2021
Violeta Ruiz Espigares, 2021
Jessalyn Rogers, Chemistry, 2023
Ahmed Roman, Physics, 2022
Belen Pueyo Ibanez, Philosophy, 2021
Jason E. Cabitac, Philosophy, 2024
Carlos Zorrilla, Philosophy, 2021
Kit Slover, Philosophy, 2020
Colby Schweibenz, BCDB, 2024
Betty Stoneman, Philosophy, 2021
Rylie Johnson, Philosophy, 2022
Ana Vieyra, Philosophy, 2024
Molly Kelly, Philosophy, 2023
Francisco Lopez, Comparative Literature 2023
Ishanika Sharma, English, 2023
Teelin Lucero, Philosophy, 2024
Julia Gross, GDBBS, 2024
Shijia Bian, Biostatistics, 2025
Maggie Matthews, Philosophy, 2020
Abeer Butt, Cancer Biology’s, 2025
Judith Levy, Comparative Literature, 2020
Farnaz Tahmasebian, computer science, 2020
Ana Maria Hoffmann, Psychology, 2022
Brenton Boyd, English, 2023
Dylanger Pittman, Mathematics, 2022
Roxana Chicas, Nursing, 2020
Kathleen Martin, Psychology, 2024
Kenong Su, Computer Science, 2021
Drew Teer, Psychology, 2020
Olivia Eljaiek-Hendricks, English, 2020
Sarah Febres-Cordero, Nursing, 2021
Elaine Liu, Chemistry, 2021
Alishah Lakhani, Neuroscience, 2024
Mallika, NS 2022
Mallika Halder, NS, 2022
Ashlyn Johnson, Neuroscience, 2023
Vidisha Singh, Immunology, 2024
Elinore Darzi, Department of French, 2024
Rae Hunter, Cancer Biology, 2021
Karen Wallach, Laney, 2021
Wooyong Jo, Goizueta Business School, 2022
Jordan AlZuBi, Rolling School of Public Health  and a visiting PhD Candidate from University of Queensland in Australia
Jinoug Jeung, Business, 2023
Rohit Allena, Finance PhD, 2021
Gabrielle Delima, GDBBS/MMG, 2022
Rachel Pearson, GDBBS- IMP, 2025
Carolina Iribarren, Comparative Literature, 2023
Lauren Bertin, Psychology, 2023
Kayla Stoy, GDBBS, 2023
Erica Modeste - GDBBS MSP - 2022
Emily Dore, Sociology, 2024
Ju Hyun Park, Sociology, 2020
Julia de Amorim, Biology, 2023
Silas W. Allard, Graduate Division of Religion, 2024
Yazan Kamalulddin, French, 2021
Dian Dian, WGSS, 2022
Yaxin Liu, Psychology, 2023
Amanda Anderson, Emory WGSS, 2023
Jareka Dellenbaugh-Dempsey, English, 2024
Rohit Chakraborty, English, 2024
Michelle Ledder, GDR, Dec 2020
Syed A.H. Zaidi, ICIVS, 2021
Kristen Easley, GDBBS, 2023
Mayuri Patankar, Graduate Division of Religion, 2024
Brik Kochoian, Neuroscience, 2025
Da Young Kim, Marketing, 2022
Rohit Allena, Finance PhD, 2021
Akram Salam, GDBBS/MSP, 2020
Samuel Druzak, Biochemistry, 2021
Raira Ank, Cancer Biology, 2024
Tenzin Passang, Cancer Biology, 2024
Samantha Pinson Wrisley, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, 2022
Amy Butner, Art History, 2020
Christopher Merwin, Philosophy, 2020
Benjamin Brewer, Philosophy, ‘21
Hale Soloff, Neuroscience PhD Program, 2020
Yixiao Dong, Chemistry, 2021
Adam Strater, Graduate Division of Religion, 2021
Keenan Davis, Graduate Division of Religion
Joe Larios, Comparative Literature, 2023
Makenzie Fitzgerald, English, 2023
Fatemeh Seifar, Neuroscience, 2024
Yemko Pryor, Anthropology, 2025
Aysha Rashid, Chemistry, 2022
Haley Gabrielle, Graduate Division of Religion, 2023
Jessica Hoffman, MSP, 2023
Austin Nuckols, MSP, 2022
Nicole Symmonds, Graduate Division of Religion, 2021
Brooke McKenna, Psychology, 2022
Mackenzie Prichard, Psychology, 2023
Isaac Foster, ICIVS, 2021
Emily, BSHES, 2022
Jingsong Zhao, BSHES, 2023
Caroline Kokubun, BSHES, 2024
Yi-No Chen, epidemiology, 2020
Isaac Mirza ICIVS GDR 2021
Yi-No Chen, Epidemiology, 2020

Faculty Supporters:
Sean Meighoo, Comparative Literature
Xavier, French and Italian, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
William Wan
Valerie Loichot
Chad Córdova
Alexander Mendes, Department of French & Italian
Lynne Huffer, WGSS
Kadji Amin

Non-Laney Supporters:
Sam Alefsen, Staff
David Nicholson, Staff
Suban Dey, Staff
Emily Swan, Staff
Arianna R Gomez Lopez, Staff
Abram Tapia, Undergrad
Colin Hutton, Undergrad
Kamryn Olds, Undergrad
Mishaal Gardezi, Undergrad
Lauren Hunady, Undergrad
Leo Lee, Undergrad
Alexa Yanar, Undergrad
Kaysi Macon, Undergrad
Shawn Ali, Undergrad
Hunter Akridge, Undergrad
Omar A. Obregon-Cuebas, Undergrad
Jasmine Dimaculangan, Undergrad
Tania Trejo-Mendez, Undergrad
Jacqueline Juarez, Undergrad
Morissa Wisdom, Undergrad
Benjamin Kasavan, Undergrad
Jasmine Cui, Undergrad
Jessica Wu, Undergrad
Sebastian Ramirez, non-Emory Supporter
Nathan Ellstrand, non-Emory Supporter
William Wan, non-Emory Supporter
Solidarity and Social Justice Committee of the Teaching Support Staff Union, non-Emory supporter
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