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UCU Letter of Recommendation
Thank you for taking the time to complete a letter of recommendation on behalf of a UCU applicant! Please note that this recommendation is to be completed by a Christian leader (e.g. pastor or youth leader) who knows the applicant well and is not a relative.

To complete the recommendation, please fill out the form below and click 'Submit' when you are done. Thank you!
Recommender Information
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Applicant Information
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Your relationship to the applicant
How long and in what role have you known the applicant? *
How would you describe the movement and direction of the applicant in his/her Christian walk? *
What leadership activities has the applicant been involved in? *
What leadership skills has the applicant demonstrated? *
What other skills have the applicant shown that would be valuable in a community setting? *
How has the applicant shown initiative in meeting needs and taking responsibility for needs that are not being met? *
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