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RCU Student Organization Charter Application
Our collective experience at Rochester Christian University (RCU) reinforces the theory that students benefit from active participation in student organizations. A student organization is comprised of a minimum of five RU students who voluntarily gather under the guidance of and adherence to an established constitution for a determined common purpose. Rochester University encourages students to form organizations that:

- Support the values of Rochester Christian University
- Provide an environment that nurtures growth and social responsibility to larger communities
- Contribute positively to the intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional and physical development of students
- Enhance the quality of the student experience at Rochester Christian University

General expectations for student organizations include, but are not limited to:

- Endeavor to work towards outcomes that support the values of a faith-based liberal arts university
- Create environments that nurture personal, relational, vocational and academic growth
- Cultivate a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie across the university
- Serve the campus and surrounding communities
- Provide structured opportunities for self-governance and effective organizational management
- Support and celebrate achievement

To be recognized as a sanctioned Rochester University student organization, the organization must:

- Establish and maintain a organizational constitution/charter on file in the Center for Student Life
- Have one faculty, staff or alumni (over the age of 25) sponsors.
- Greek Life organization must have 2 or more sponsors.
- Have three other members, a total of 4 members to officially start.  
- Provide a list of members each academic year
- Oppose and prevent the illegal discrimination of any student based on standards determined by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (

To apply to establish a new student organization, please complete the following application. You may direct any questions to Student Life by emailing

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Each organization is required to have a Statement of Purpose. What is your organization's proposed Statement of Purpose? *
All student organizations must have bylaws or a constitution that governs how they function as individual members and as a collective body of members. Please make sure the Center for Student Life receives a copy in order for your organization to be considered for approval *
Please list the names and email addresses of all advisors/sponsors *
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