CILAS Alex. Application Form 2019-2020
Dear prospective student,

Thank you for your interest in CILAS Alex.' yearlong study programme in the liberal arts. We invite you to fill in the application form to the best of your abilities. We review and screen applications carefully, and select promising candidates for the second (and final) stage of the admissions process.
In applying to the Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Alexandria -- CILAS Alex, you seek admission to a yearlong study programme in the liberal arts. CILAS Alex. invites students from all walks of life who have completed high school to engage with the liberal arts in an effort to develop a wise appreciation of the complexity of the world.

The academic year at CILAS Alex. begins in September and ends in May the following year. The year is divided into two semesters. The curriculum at CILAS Alex. is divided into two, cross-disciplinary fields of studies. A core curriculum introduces students to the two field of studies during the first semester. All students are required to complete the two core courses in the field Humanities and Sciences, respectively. In semester two, students choose two field-specific thematic courses. In parallel to their course-related work, students sign up to experiment along two of four labs.

Students are required to attend at least 80% of classes ready and eager to present their reflections and findings. CILAS operates under a pedagogy of discovery -- not a pedagogy of consumption. This is to say that what we cover at CILAS matters less than what a student discovers. Discussion Based Learning is the main method of instruction at CILAS and relies heavily on the participation of students. For more information, check out the website:

Tuition fees are divided into three slots:
The first one is for Alexandrian University Graduates which is charged with 7000 EGP.
The second one is for Alexandrian University Undergradutes or Non-Alexandrian University Graduates which is charged with 6000 EGP.
The third one is for Non-Alexandrian Undergradutes are charged with 5000 EGP.
Fees are paid in installments through out the first semester which lasts till mid-December. Scholarships are offered to non-Egyptian refugees only.

We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Apply before the 30th of August.

The photograph below is meant to set the stage for writing this application. In other words, slow down and enjoy the ride. Should you have any questions, you can contact us at

With appreciation,
CILAS Alex. team.
Warming Up
We invite you to prepare a cup of tea and keep it next to you as you fill in this application.
A song *
Please introduce yourself through a song. Copy and paste a link into the box below.
Two truths and a lie *
Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself. (You will get the chance to tell us which one the lie is when invited to CILAS during the second stage).
Your name *
Feel free to share your given name, including your family name, as well as a name you like to go by, i.e. a nickname.
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English proficiency. *
The main language we use is English we need to make sure that we all have some basic understanding of the language. This is chance your improve your English.
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Educational level *
How would you describe your educational background? *
CILAS accommodates students from diverse backgrounds and with various interests.
Why CILAS Alex? *
What do you hope to gain from AND contribute to (!) CILAS Alex? Please share with us at least 200 words about why you want to join and how you see yourself taking an active part in CILAS Alex.
What does an alternative education mean to you? *
Please share with us at least 150 words about your experience with alternative education if you had any.
Grand Finale
We invite you to get up, go for a walk, stretch and take a deep breath before continuing.
Illustrate and justify *
Please share an (audio)-visual that illustrates the power of imagery, e.g. a scene from a movie, a photograph, a performance, etc. Explain your choice in at least 100 words.
Reflective Essay *
''All seeing is essentially perspective, and so is all knowing. The more emotions we allow to speak in a given matter, the more different eyes we can put on in order to view a given spectacle, the more complete will be our conception of it, the greater our ‘objectivity’." -- Friedrich Nietzsche. \\ Please compose a short essay of at least 250 words inspired by this quote. To assess your essay, we will look at how you structure it; how you present your ideas; and how you express yourself in English. Please give your essay a title and indicate your word count at the end. Take time, speak from the heart and be reminded that good essays are not written, but revised and re-written. Cut and paste your essay into the box below.
Recommend a book *
Recommend a book you love to us and provide some reasons. Explain your choice in at least 100 words.
To rumble!
Commitment *
During the first semester students are required to commit to a skills lab on Friday evenings and two core courses on Saturdays. During the second semester students are required to commit to two thematic courses + two labs of their choice.
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