European Junior Championship / Danish Senior Open 2019
2nd of Marts - 3rd of Marts
The tournament dates are saturday and sunday, but you are really welcome to join us already thursday or friday, and also very welcome to stay till monday, completely free!

Players under 17 years, entry fee is FREE!

PLayers over 17 years Entry fee will be 25 euros for each player.
The entry fee includes:
- Participation in the tournament, oppertunity to play 2 pools at once.
- FREE accomondation, from thursday to monday.
- FREE food! / Includes breakfast saturday, sunday and (monday) - Lunch saturday and sunday - Dinner saturday and sunday
- FREE pick-up from airport or bus station to the tournament sight, and back again.
- FREE t-shirt for every player
- Lots of nice prices for the winners!

Bank account: 9070/1628614829
IBAN: DK7090701628614829
Reference: Name and team
Beneficiary: Thy Spikeball
Beneficiary address: Moellevangs Alle 157A 11,4 8200 Aarhus N

We are looking forward to welcome you all, to the very first European Junior Spikeball Championship and Danish Senior Open Indoor 2019!

We are super exited, and our vision and plans are awesome!

So make sure to book the first week in Marts 2019!

This is the chance for new and young players to meet and play against other players, you dont have to be a experienced player to participate, everyone can participate. We have a lot of young Junior Newbies, who are really exiting playing other juniors! :)

If posible the following pools will be created:
- Boys under 15
- Girls under 15
- Boys under 17
- Girls under 17
- Boys under 19
- Girls under 19
- Boys under 21
- Girls under 21
- Adults (Not european championship, just a normal tournament)
- Show / Fun pool (Mixed teams with one adult and one junior player)

If there are less than 6 teams in a pool, the pool will be joined with one of the other pools.

You dont have to worry about finding a place to stay or eat. We will take care of that, completely free.
We will also help transporting you from the airport to the location.

How to get here?
1. Find the cheapest airport to travel to
- If you arrive in Billund, Aarhus or Aalborg we will pick you up at the airport
- If you arrive in Copenhagen go to and buy a bus ticket from the airport to HERNING and we will pick u up there.

The tournaments will begin saturday the 2nd of marts, but you are very welcome to come friday the 1st, where there will be a chance to have some pickup games, or just relax and have fun with other players.

All players will also get a free T-Shirt for participating.

Please feel free to contact us for questions.

Btw. its a INDOOR tournament.

Entries so far:
Danish Senior Open
- DEN, Paw Spikers (Jonas Lund Madsen / Rasmus Boddum Bjerge)
- DEN, Its the final Spikedown (Filip Pahus / Unknown)
- BEL, Yezman (Frederick Eskens / Pieter Meyers)
- BEL, Rocket Jos (Nathan Peeters / Wout Geeraerts)
- BEL, Los Abuelos (Herty Van der Meirsch / Piet)
- BEL, No Fly Zone (Willem Schoeters / Frederik Theunis)
- BEL, The Rimside Job (Diego Lamonte / Fred Libert)
- BEL, Los Hermanos (Jeroen Laporte / Jef Peeters)
- USA, Walking with Grandma (Lee Setzer / Addam Setzer)
- USA, Silly Puddy (Preston Bies / Buddy Hammon)
- USA, Three Spin (Ryan Gross / Tommy Dessecker)
- USA, Cisek/Showalter (PJ Showalter / Tyler Cisek)
- POL, Baltic Herrings (Lukasz Scherfenberg / Marek Moskalonek)
- POL, Spike The West (Janusz Chodzicki / Marek Szymanski)
- AUS, RCG 8020 (Ole Hagenah / Markus Krainz)
- SWE, Shotluckan Spikers (Kim Strömberg / Johan Strömberg)

European Junior Championship
* Under 15
- DEN, Quokka Girls (Caroline Poulsen/Freja Linnet)
- DEN, Cheetah Girls (Lærke Pedersen/Linnea Riis)
- DEN, Pink Whippers (Victor Grapenthin/Jakob Lauritsen)
- DEN, Søren Bertelsen / Tobias Møller

* Under 17

* Under 19
- DEN, Mikkel Gade/Anders Dahlgaard

* Under 21
- ENG, Vineyard Vikings (Richard Chapman / Micheal Porter)
- NOR, KRC Quackers (Benjamin Aasen / Anders Grønsten)
- ENG, MR SPike (Rustom Parekh / Matthew Swinbank)

Mix pool (Adult and juniors)
- DEN, Monkey Swoopers (Lærke Pedersen / Rasmus Bjerge)
- DEN, Crazy Kangaroos (Linnea Riis / Jonas Lund)
- DEN, (Caroline Poulsen / Nicolai Telling)
- DEN/BEL, (Freja Linnet / Willem Schoeters)
- POL, Boiling Frogs (Anna Wieloch / Janusz Chodzicki)
- POL, Fundacja Kamienica1 (Marek Szymanski / Paulina)

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