Recon Village Call For Papers (CFP) - DEFCON 27 Las Vegas 2018
CFP Open: 7th April, 2019
CFP Close: 3rd June, 2019
Venue: DEF CON, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are passionate about OSINT and Reconnaissance, and want to talk about something you did / or you know, in front of a more targeted audience, Submit your proposals to Recon Village CFP. We are seeking four kinds of submissions:

A. Comprehensive talks (30 - 45 minutes - Detailed research talks)
B. Live Demos (20 - 30 minutes - Live Demo of a Tool/Technique/Methodology)
C. Lightning talks 10 - 20 Minutes - Quick talks about an approach or methods)
D. Workshops ( 1 - 2 hours - Hands On or Instructor Led training for free)

Please note that any abstract you submit, should be related to Open Source Intelligence / Information Gathering / Reconnaissance.

We will be able to provide you a place to present, projectors screens (preferably carry your own VGA / HDMI inputs to our projectors), a room full of professionals ready to talk, an environment filled in with energy and fun, and a lot of free hugs. Abstract of accepted talks will be posted on Recon Village's website with your names and twitter handles.

Please do not submit to Recon Village CFP if you are not already planning to attend DEF CON 27 as we are unable to provide any speaker assistance in terms of DEF CON Badges / travel / accommodation expenses.
If you are already attending DEF CON and would like to speak, please send in your proposal through this CFP form.

If you want to receive a DEF CON Badge specifically, please drop us an email. We will try to get you one (no commitments there).

So what do you get as a speaker?
- Lot of love and respect from the team.
- Exclusive Recon Village Speaker Badge
- Coin of Honor
- Some really tasty Indian delicacies.
- Free beer in a relaxed networking party.

Village Dates: 9th to 11th August 2019
Venue: Las Vegas, USA

As you will submit the CFP form, you should get a confirmation email confirming your submission. If you do not receive this email, it simply means there is something wrong and we have not received your submission. In that case, we suggest you to submit again.

In case you have any doubt, feel free to reach us on Please do not send any CFP submission to this email. The only way to submit the CFP is via this form.

CFP closes on 3rd June 2019 00:00 GMT. Once CFP is closed, this form will no longer accept CFP submissions or modifications.

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