Peer Model Camper Application 2018, CAMP ENCOURAGE
Thank you for your interest in serving as a peer model at Camp Encourage! This application is for those that are returning AND new peer model camper applicants.

This includes information on our website as well as all instructions below PRIOR to completing and submitting this form.

Because some peer model camper slots fill very quickly, it is recommended you submit this at your VERY EARLIEST convenience and preferably prior to the dates below. Although forms are welcomed throughout the year, it is strongly encouraged to submit by the following dates:

For the MARCH session, Peer Model Applications are encouraged to be submitted on or prior to FEBRUARY 1, 2018.

For the SUMMER sessions, Peer Model Applications are encouraged to be submitted on or prior to FEBRUARY 22, 2018.

For the OCTOBER session, Peer Model Applications are encouraged to be submitted on or prior to September 1, 2018.

If you are submitting this application after the above suggested dates, we strongly advise you to contact us BEFORE completing and submitting this form to ensure that a slot is still available (and to save you from completing the lengthy form unnecessarily).

Forms received prior to or on the above dates will be considered within the first pool of applicants for each camp session. Forms received after each date will be accepted but may be placed on a waiting list.

Again, we welcome Peer Model Camper Applications to be submitted prior to any camp session. At times, slots are still available due to cancellations.

Crucial: Be sure you receive a confirmation webpage following your submission to ensure that your application was fully completed.

Information regarding each applicant's acceptance or waiting list status will be emailed shortly after the aforementioned due dates or shortly after receiving each application (if after the above date/s). At that time, those selected will be informed if scholarship funding is available.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Tuition and Scholarships
The fee for each session for a Peer Model Camper is as follows:

March Weekend Session: $185
June Summer Session: $400
July Summer Session: $400
October Weekend Session: $185

The above fee covers the cost of preparation, training, activities, meals, and lodging. Compared to other quality camps with similar activities, our research indicates that this tuition is reasonable (and quite a deal).

In addition to offering the experience at a low rate, we provide a small amount of partial scholarship funding to peer model campers. Because we are trying to support as any campers with autism as feasible, scholarship funding for peer model campers will be quite limited.

If a scholarship is needed for a peer model camper to attend in 2018, there is a chance that the applicant's needs will be considered if: 1) he or she has a parent volunteering at Camp Encourage and/or 2) if Camp Encourage is able to secure additional scholarship funding through donor support. Full scholarships will not be available.

Many fundraising opportunities are available for peer model campers to raise funds to go directly toward his or her tuition costs. Payment plans can be made as well. We encourage you to contact Camp Encourage for further information or should you have any questions or need support with fundraising efforts.

On this form, you'll be asked to state how much funding you will need in scholarship support (for each session you are interested in). Rather than waiting until actual acceptance, each applicant will be asked to complete the official scholarship application NOW. Thus, any applicant completing this form that does not plan to pay in full (or have outside funding to cover the cost) will also complete a Scholarship Application. Doing so will allow us to let each applicant know upfront (once officially selected) exactly how much will be awarded in scholarship funding. Thus, prior to starting this form (for those not able to pay in full), you will be asked information about your current finances thus be sure to have the following financial information ready prior to starting this online form: annual net income, information regarding government support, total debt, and total alimony (as applicable of course). Be sure to have enough time to share your current situation--not speeding through the form.

Description of a Peer Model Camper
First, we applaud your willingness to participate in this unique experience. Peer Model Campers have an extremely important role at Camp Encourage. Not only do they enhance the lives of other children, but they also walk away with new perspectives, enjoyable stories, new friends, and lifelong memories. Please be sure you understand your role prior to applying.

Any females or males, not on the autism spectrum, between the age of eight and eighteen may apply. An application does NOT indicate participation in this special opportunity. Applications will be reviewed carefully and Peer Models will be selected if and only if Camp Encourage staff feels extremely confident that the applicant fully understands his or her role.

Peer Model Campers participate in Camp Encourage LIKE ALL OTHER CAMPERS. They will reside in the cabins overnight with the other campers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), will participate in all camp activities, and will be expected to serve as role models for the campers with ASD. Because Camp Encourage targets social and behavioral deficits often paired with autism spectrum disorders, peers selected need to demonstrate developmentally appropriate social and behavioral skills. Further, Peer Model Campers must possess patience and kindness and must demonstrate acceptance and be understanding of differences. Please understand that older Peer Model Campers will NOT be incorporated as “Junior Counselors.” All Peer Model Campers are to interact with the campers, enhancing each child’s experience at camp and are NOT to isolate themselves from the campers with ASD. Should you have ANY questions regarding this role, please contact Camp Encourage prior to applying to clarify your questions and/or concerns.

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