Pearl Pay Signature Campaign
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Signature and Avatar Campaign
Bounty Pool Allocated:
20% or 600,000 PRLPAY worth of PRLPAY Coins

Join Pearl Pay's Signature Campaign. Help us spread the word by adding our Signature and Avatar in your profile and earn PRLPAY as your bounty reward. We are looking for active user.

Bounty Pool Allocated:
20% of the Bounty pool will be allocated for Signature and Avatar.
Junior Members: 15 stakes per week
Members: 25 stakes per week
Full Members: 40 stakes per week
Senior Members: 60 stakes per week
Hero and Legendary: 80 stakes per week
Full Member and above will be rewarded with 5 additional stakes for wearing Avatar (one time payment not weekly)

Wear signature and avatar.
Download the Pearl Pay avatar here:
each code to be inserted depending on the rank of members as below.

Signature and Avatar Bounty Terms:

1. Keep your signature until our tracking spreadsheet is updated with your final post count (allow us at least one week to count posts). Removing a signature before the final post count is complete will disqualify you.
2. Newbies are not allowed to join.
3. You have to be at least a Junior Member to wear our signature.
3. You must do at least 12 posts weekly and a total of 100 posts during the whole period of campaign. If you don't reach 12 posts before the Sunday 4:00PM GMT of the current week, you will not receive any stake for the current week.
4. Eligible posts must be at least 70 characters long.
5. Posts such as "hello", "good luck", "love this project", or any other unsubstantial posts (will be evaluated by us) will not be counted as valid.
6. Posts must be constructive and on-topic. Spamming, trolling, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted.
8. Multiple accounts are not allowed and users found using more than one account will be disqualified.
10. If you decide to leave us for another campaign, please write us on Telegram Bounty chat so we could check if you deserve to reserve your current week stakes if you had posted 12 constructive posts. If you had not, we will not distribute your current week stakes.
11. Use Agama Wallet to receive PRLPAY coins.

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