Harvard Model Congress Europe 2019 Financial Aid Application
The Harvard Model Congress (HMCE) 2019 Executive Board is pleased to continue helping students attend HMCE with our Financial Aid Program. Financial aid is awarded to support exemplary delegates who demonstrate financial need to attend the conference.

This year, financial aid recipients may receive a waived Delegate Fee, complimentary hotel accommodations, a travel stipend, and/or per diem.

Financial aid applications will be evaluated primarily on the basis of financial need. In addition, we will consider the following criteria:
- A dedicated interest in the mission of HMCE
- Demonstrated academic scholarship
- Demonstrated leadership potential
- Potential to make a contribution in the committee room
- Potential for individual and collective growth

The application consists of the following components: personal information, essay questions, video, financial supplement, and Faculty Advisor recommendation (available at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc745vsFlq-3_R7h4SLtG0xv-PL8SsJF8Yzhe36IE4MfeVELQ/viewform ).

We recommend that you write your responses initially using another word processing tool on your computer before entering them into the text boxes below, as your information will not be saved if you click off this page without first submitting your application!

In order to be considered, students must submit this form and have their Faculty Advisor submit their recommendation separately.

All applications are due November 9th, 2018 at 22:00 UTC-4.

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Please list your most significant extra-curricular activities. Indicate grade level and positions held. *
A list is permissible for this question. (E.g. Key Club; Grade 9,10,11,12; Secretary and President).
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List any honors or awards received. Indicate which grade and type of award (athletic, academic, other). *
E.g. Academic Excellence in Math, Grade 9
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Please describe your motivations for attending HMCE 2019. *
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What interesting experiences or perspectives would you bring to HMCE 2019? *
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In a 3-5 minute video, please describe the most pressing issue in your community, your country, or across the world. Please feel free to be expressive and engaging while presenting your response! *
Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, and you should paste the link into the box below. If you have any questions or concerns about creating a video, please feel free to reach out to business@hmceurope.org.
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Please make sure to have your Faculty advisor submit their recommendation! *
The faculty supplement can be found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc745vsFlq-3_R7h4SLtG0xv-PL8SsJF8Yzhe36IE4MfeVELQ/viewform . Please be sure to have your Faculty Advisor submit the supplement and the letter by the application due date (November 9th, 2018).
Financial Supplement
Please provide the following information so we can get a better idea of how a receiving financial aid may help you attend HMCE.
What is the annual fee for your school? *
Please enter "0" if your school does not have an annual fee / tuition.
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Have you been awarded a scholarship/financial aid for your school? [If applicable] *
If yes, on what basis [e.g. need, merit]?
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Please explain why the financial costs of attending HMCE 2019 are prohibitive or difficult. *
Feel free to discuss any financial circumstances that affect your attendance. The Executive Board shall take all factors into account.
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Please note any other circumstances you would wish to share regarding the information noted above. *
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Thank you for your application to the HMCE Financial Aid Program. The Executive Board looks forward to reading your application!
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