Citizenship For All: Journey to Justice
The idea for the “2018 DREAM Riders: Journey to Justice” was spearheaded and developed by young activists at the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) and affiliates, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) in Los Angeles and the HANA Center in Chicago. NAKASEC has been working furiously on immigration issues especially since the election of President Trump as he executed many of his anti-immigrant agendas such rescinding DACA, enhancing interior enforcement and continuously creating a toxic atmosphere for immigrant communities. Some of our past highlights to counter the current environment, which all of our campaigns have been led by our young leaders, include 22-day DREAM Action where we held 24-hour vigil for 22 days in front of the White House, a number of actions demanding Senators to vote no on Continuing Resolutions if the DREAM Act is not attached, and many other local actions in Southern California, Chicago and Northern Virginia from protecting Sanctuary City Ordinance to pushing for the driver’s license bill.

Why are we doing this?
NAKASEC and affiliates have launched a national campaign called Citizenship For All (C4A). Through this campaign, we are demanding a clear pathway to citizenship for the populations that have not been given this opportunity. We also use a broader definition of “citizenship” beyond the status and the actual document. We would like to bring about a society where each and everyone who makes up our society is able to fully practice their rights regardless of their status and identity. This bike trip is a tool that we use to spread our campaign and invite people to join our cause.

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