Twitter Registration Form
Rules & Qualifications:
1. Follow Official Smart Bank Twitter account:
2. Join Official Smart Bank Telegram Group:
3. Any participant can only register 1 (one) Twitter account for participation. Enrolling multiple accounts will result on disqualification.
4. Minimum and Maximum of 2 Tweets and 3 Retweets per week to qualify for weekly stakes. No daily limit for tweets & retweets.
5. Stakes will be added to the spreadsheets after the weekly deadline: Monday, 23:59 Midnight UTC.

2 Tweets and 3 Retweets per week
500-1000 Real followers: 10 stakes/week
1001-3000 Real followers: 50 stakes/week
3001-5000 Real followers: 75 stakes/week
5001-7000 Real followers: 100 stakes/week
7001-10000 Real followers: 150 stakes/week
10001-15000 Real followers: 300 stakes/week
15001-20000 Real followers: 450 stakes/week
20001-30000 Real followers: 600 stakes/week
30001-40000 Real followers: 800 stakes/week
40001-50000+ Real followers: 1000 stakes/week
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