Pearl Pay Telegram Campaign
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Bounty Pool Allocated:
10% or 300,000 PRLPAY Coins

10% of the Bounty pool is allocated for the Telegram Campaign as below:

For joining the Official PRLPAY Telegram group: 2 Stakes
Use the PRLPAY Avatar as the Telegram Profile Picture and add the "" at the end of your profile name
( Example: Michael | | ) until the Coin Sale ends: 5 Stakes

Telegram Bounty Terms:

1. You must join the Pearl Pay Telegram group ( and the Telegram Bounty Group ( stay there until the Coin Sale ends.
3. Follow Telegram rules.
4. You must be active and supportive in the group. Try to be as active as possible in the main chat by helping new members, introducing, provide information, and promoting Pearl Pay and its Coin Sale.
5. Users without any actions will not get paid and users whose activity levels do not meet our expectation will be evaluated and may be paid less than the apportioned stakes.
6. Using derogatory, defaming, debasing or any other negative languages or remarks, or spamming or advertising any other service in the Pearl Pay group are not allowed and will not get paid.
7. Only one account is allowed. A person found to be using multiple accounts will be disqualified and not get paid.
9. To receive stakes for using the Pearl Pay avatar, you have to use the Pearl Pay avatar as your Telegram Profile Picture and keep it until the Coin Sale ends.
10. The Telegram campaign is limited to 3000 participants and will be awarded on first come first serve basis.
11. Use Agama Wallet to receive PRLPY Coins.

Top 30 commenters throughout the ICO will have bonus of 1,000 PRLPAY Coins each. Pearl Pay Admin will host Telegram giveaways to increase community engagement. All comments will be tallied and recorded. Coins will be taken from the Pool allocated for giveaways within the 1.5% Airdrop and Bounty Allocation.

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