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You and Us Volunteer Drive 2018
You and Us has always found its volunteers energetic, enthusiastic and more importantly with full of potential. Every volunteer here has ability to touch the lives and be the change that they always want to be.
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How do you like to be called ?Mention your Full Name along with your nick name if possible
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Which City are you from ? *
Kindly mention your city of working or studying
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Will you be able to spend three hours for the organization? *
Why three Hours ? It is because we want every volunteer to spend at least three hours as commitment where you generally work on the field or utilize as a quality time for the dream impact to be created.
Mobile Number *
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What kind of work you will be interested in? *
Which is your major concern for the society? *
Would you love leading a team? *
Leading never means Dominance. It means to be responsible in your area of interest. We also like to see you empower and inspire people around you.
Commitment of Work *
Would you like to know about our Internship Schemes? *
Internship are provided for the volunteer who wish to pursue their career abroad or in any MNC companies which ask for social engagement. The certificate will enhance your portfolio personally and it is unpaid
Will you be able to give up at least one fancy expenditure of 2018, that would benefit any under deserving community? *
The 'Fancy Expenditure' here we mean the cost that you spend completely for you to get entertained by watching movie for the third time in a row/ unnecessary shopping of a stylish product that will not be useful to you and so on.
Who is the 'SuperHeroic' Character you admire the most?( Can be real life example or fictional) *
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Would you like to refer a friend/relative/colleague for joining the organization?
If Yes, Kindly refer them along with their number
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