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Small Revolution Lesson Feedback
As a valuable member of Small Revolution, we would like to ask for your opinion about your learning experience. Please submit your feedback regarding the lesson you have just completed or any other, including its structure, content and ease of use. We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our lessons!
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All the examples were appropriate and illustrative, and made the lesson easier to understand.
The reading materials and other online learning resources in this lesson facilitated my learning.
This lesson provided me with knowledge and skills I can apply.
The quiz questions were neither too easy nor too difficult.
The assignment(s) instructions were clearly explained (if any).
The assignment(s) gave me opportunities to demonstrate my knowledge and heighten my understanding of the topic(s).
The teacher provided sufficient resources in the course for me to study independently.
The lesson content is adjusted to my level of understanding.
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You’re participating in a very important conversation. Remember to think critically and give us constructive feedback. Please, provide us with specific information that will help us make our courses and lessons better! Thank you for helping us!
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