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Team Jeff Registration
2x Club of the year, Greco Roman State Champs, home of over 100 ISWA state champions, and over 300 state medals
COSTS include: t-shirt, USAW Membership, End of season state participant t-shirt Awards and Pizza, and wrestling camp/trip assistance
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Cost - $80 MS/HS, $70 for Elementary (March-May) - I also understand that each tourney has its own entry fee if they wrestle *
If my child needs medical attention, it si my wish that I be contacted before any medical procedures begin unless immediate medical treatment is necessarry to save my childs life or to prevent permanent injury, in which event I authorize all necessary treatment. *
If my child, named above, needs medical treatment during this event, it is my whish that the necessary treatment be initieates while efforts are being made to contact me. So that the treatment of my child wil not be delayed, I consent to any medical procedures that the physician believes my child needs, on the understanding that efforts will continute to be made to reach me. I accept responsibility for all costs related to such treatment. *
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I will follow team jeff wrestling via text message on REMIND by texting the word @tjwrestlin (no g) to the number 81010 *
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I am aware of 2 huge benefits of team jeff - 1) at all levels we provide summer camp assistance with team jeff membership, 2) for 6-12 grade they have a college coach in the room once a week! *
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