Teen Advisory Council Volunteer Request Form
Please submit the details of your event below. Know that while we do our best to recruit enough students to fill the volunteer spots that you request, we cannot guarantee volunteers. Each Teen Advisory Council member makes his or her own schedule. Thank you for understanding!

Contact TAC's Service Committee Chair with any questions or to check on volunteer numbers for your event:

Hadley Mosby
Senior, Castle High School

Adult contact:
Morgan Lamberton
Teen Advisory Council Program Coordinator
812-421-0030 ext. 12

Here are the steps you can take to keep tabs on how many students have signed up:

1. Go to the YR calendar. http://youth-resources.org/calendar
2. Find your event. It will be listed with a blue square in front of it.
3. Hover over the event and click "See more details."
4. Click the link listed after "Sign up here."
5. Type in your email address twice and click “Submit.” This won’t sign you up for anything or put you on any lists.
6. On this page you should be able to view all the students signed up for your event!

For more information on Youth Resources and the Teen Advisory Council, visit our website: www.youth-resources.org

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