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As part of our new strategic plan, Young Women in Business Toronto is thrilled to announce our very first mentorship program - SheMentors, tailored to meet the needs of its community of young professional women across Toronto.

SheMentors Purpose - The "Why"?
Because we as Humans are not always wired to be in growth mode. We get tired and burned out. We get often distracted by other life responsibilities compiling on our shoulders. We set goals and fall short, and on top of all this, due to socially and politically constructed beliefs, we as Women face more barriers to growth. This is the reason WHY YWiB Toronto is launching its first mentorship program, to help our community re-focus, and continue down the path towards a growth mindset.

SheMentors Brief- The "What"?
SheMentors is a 6-month mentorship program tailored to meet the needs of YWiB Toronto community members including the Newcomer; the Entrepreneur, and the Seeker. Our aim is to provide every young woman with an inclusive opportunity to leverage their professional and personal growth through mentorship and also to provide other well-established women with the opportunity to give back to the community through knowledge-sharing & mentorship. We believe that once each one of us finds a mentor experienced in the areas we are truly passionate about, those growth moments will present themselves, and success will be inevitable.

SheMentors Mentors Eligibility Criteria- The "Who"?
A professional self-identified woman who has:
- Minimum 5+ years of experience in leadership positions, and/or an entrepreneur with strong business acumen.
- Willing to commit to the program for a period of six months.
- Passionate, dedicated, and wanting to share work/life experiences.
- Able to work with any of our mentees (The Newcomer, The Seeker, and the Entrepreneur) on one or more area of their 5 Mys ( My Style, My Career, My World, My Craft, My life).
- Willing to be part of a larger diverse, and inclusive community of young professional women across Toronto.
- Shares the same core values of YWiB Toronto: Growth, Community, Empowerment, Collaboration, and FUN!

SheMentors Phases - The "When"?
- Online Launch ---> July 2019
- Application Forms --> July 2019
- Phone Interviews (Shortlisted) --> July 2019
- SheMentors Orientation & Matching Day --> August 2019
- 1:1 Mentorship --> Matching Day until end of February 2020
- SheMentors Day (Full Day Workshops) --> October 2019


Applicants who meet eligibility criteria will be contacted by YWiB team members for a phone interview.


For more inquiries about SheMentors program, please email us at

Thank you so much!
SheMentors Team

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